Red State vs Birthers

I’ve mentioned previously the kerfuffle over at Red State because Erick Erickson has decided that birthers are adding nothing constructive to any discussion on anything and barred them from posting comments on his site. Apparently some birthers are upset about this and he has been receiving quite a bit of hate mail.

Says Erickson:

Even were the American public to fall under the belief that Barack Obama was born in a foreign country and 49 years ago his associates fabricated a narrative, a birth record, and placed birth announcements in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin on August 4, 1961, to ensure that 49 years later he could become President of the United States, it is undisputed that Barack Obama’s mother is and has always been an American citizen. Therefore Barack Obama is and has always been an American citizen.

The leaps of logic and reason to arrive at such a conspiracy are unbefitting the credibility of anyone and not worthy of further discussion. Notwithstanding the same, no American should ever sanction what would amount to a judicial coup — the removal of the President of the United States after 52.9% of the American public instructed their Electoral College representatives to place their votes for him. The time to even be willing to entertain these issues from those who claim a conspiracy has long past.

A list of some of the hate mail is included in his post, and it’s worth taking a look at. Remember how crazy these people are, remember the fact that the birther movement was started by the Left, and remember that the Left hinks that such sentiments are representative of conservatives as a whole.


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