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Religious Attack on Free Speech

Left Coast Rebel has the full video of the attack on Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. The irony? Vilks was speaking at a conference on free speech (actually, he was showing a movie on homosexuality and Islam) when he was shouted down and attacked by a group of Islamic “protestors.”



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Joe Klein: Opposing Obama Is Sedition

Times editor Joe Klein has stated that opposing the Obama Administration is racist, and referring to the Administration as the “Obama Regime” (like the left did for 8 years with Bush) amounts to sedition. No, we’re not trying to stifle the free speech of our political opponents at all, are we, comrade?

Counterculture Conservative comments and has video (Which he is somehow able to embed, but I am not. Halp! Well, follow the link then and watch the video.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Diversity vs Free Speech in Canada

Counterculture Conservative has a nice little clip in which Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviews a feminist journalist from Canada regarding the Ann Coulter lecture that was canceled because leftists threatened to riot is Coulter was actually allowed to speak her opinions in an open forum. Her main argument is that Canada values diversity over free speech. Does that attitude make anyone else nervous? Because that’s the attitude of the left in America as well.

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Renewing the Fairness Doctrine

Even with a majority in both houses, the Democrats had a hard time forcing bribing passing Obamacare. Part of that is due to the availability of alternative news and information sources other than the heavily left-leaning mainstream media. In the past sources like talk radio were kept in check through the Censorship Fairness Doctrine, and Democrats, who hail themselves as champions of free speech, have been trying to figure out how to re-institute this doctrine and shut down talk radio and other conservative media.

Since the Democrats regained the majority in 2006, there has been much talk about re-implementing this policy. Since Obama’s election, that talk has grown. And Democrats have denied it, because to openly admit support of the Fairness Doctrine is to in effect openly support censorship. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ireland to Reconsider Blasphemy Ban in Constitution

For my friends on the left who are convinced that the United States is some sort of draconian theocracy, consider the fact that the progressive, liberal nation of Ireland still has a blasphemy clause in its constitution.

Fortunately, it looks like Ireland is considering catching up with the innovations that the US implemented in the 18th Century. From Religion Clause:

Ireland’s Justice Minister announced Sunday that the country will hold a referendum this fall on removing a blasphemy ban from the Constitution. Yesterday’s London Guardian reports that the advocacy group Atheist Ireland particularly welcomed the announcement. When Ireland’s new more lenient blasphemy law took effect in January, the group responded by publishing on its website 25 blasphemous statements from famous figures in history. (See prior posting.) Currently Ireland’s Constitution (Sec. 40) requires that the country have a blasphemy law.

It’s always nice to think that other nations are catching on to the niceties of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

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Eugene Volokh on Reason TV

Ted Balaker at Reason Magazine interviews Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy on gun rights, free expression, and the welfare state. Volokh is a law professor who immigrated from the Soviet Union, so his take on socialism and government control is particularly interesting to me.

Find out what Volokh thinks the biggest threats to free expression are, and whether today’s muzzlers come mostly from the left or right. Volokh also explains what the landmark Supreme Court case, DC vs. Heller, has done to gun control and whether he agrees with the “more guns, less crime” thesis.


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