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Back in the Game

The semester is finished, so the Republican heretic is back online. A lot of interesting things have gone on over the past couple of weeks, and unless there’s some interesting commentary on them, I’m probably just going to move forward and not really address them. So things like the Times Square bombing attempt and the oil spill in the gulf may not appear unless there’s new stuff on them.

I have started a new full time job, so there are going to be restrictions on how much time I can spend on research and posting here. I’ll do what I can, though.



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Still Here, I Promise

Bit of a hiatus as of late, due to pending term papers, approaching finals week, and starting a new full-time job. Fear not, the Republican Heretic is still around, but probably won’t be able to post much for a few more days.

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Reigning in the Heretic

This blog has proven quite fun for me, but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to do this kind of stuff, especially when I have to wait for pages to load at a snail’s pace due to the fact that I still have dial-up internet. And if I were independently wealthy, I wouldn’t mind putting the time in (and I would be able to afford high-speed internet, so it wouldn’t matter as much, but anyway …). Actually, I’d love to do this full-time, but I don’t have near the traffic to justify any fantasy of supporting myself on paypal donations and ad revenues.

So here’s the deal: I’m trying to finish a master’s degree right now. And sadly, I’ve reached a point where I’m more interested in politics than the subject matter I’ve been studying for several years. So I need to refocus. The Republican Heretic must come second.

I’m not going to shut the blog down, since I anticipate being very active on it when I finish my degree. But I need to slow down a bit. So there will most likely be fewer posts, and perhaps less frequently. If you’re one of my few regular readers, I figured a heads-up would be appropriate. If you’re a new reader, I suppose it doesn’t matter, unless I make enough of an impression that you come back for more.

At ant rate, I thought an impending decrease in posting frequency merited some mention.  If you’re a regular reader, I hope you understand. If you’re not, well, hopefully you’ll check back after a while. Thanks everyone for reading, and be sure to check the links on the blogroll.


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Sick Day: 17 Mar 2010

Spent most of the day violently ill. Apologies for the lack of posting going on, for anyone who actually comes by on a semi-regular basis. Check out some of the links on the blogroll, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.


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How to Get a Million Blog Hits

This has been around for a while, and even though I’m new to blogging, I’ve been around the blogosphere long enough to have seen it several times. I suppose it’s time to comment upon it.

I present, compliments of Robert Stacy McCain, How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Emergent Sentiments

It has been sugegsted to me several time sthat my interest in politics might be best channeled into a blog of some sort. I have decided to do so. Obviously, this is the result.

I’m a conservative Republican in the midst of Lawrence, Kansas. My interests include religion, history, and law. I’m a strict constitutionalist, and originalist, and my support for limited government probably makes me more libertarian than not. I consider myself a conservative because I believe in limited government and personal liberty, as well as the importance or reason.

I’m a bit of a heretic. I support same-sex marriage and the de-criminalization of victimless crimes. Bring up religion at your own peril. There are many Republicans who would probably rather not have me included in their numbers. I’d rather they not spend so much time legislating morality and working to cut government spending. I suppose it’s best to agree to disagree.

I’m doing this as an interest and (I suppose) a hobby. Posting may not be consistent for a while, and any writing I do will depend upon what else I have on my plate. Much of what I will probably post — at least at first — will consist of links to stories and editorials of interest, be them political, legal, historical, or nerd-related.Comments are welcome, as well as suggestions and input on how I’m doing.

So hopefully I won’t make to much of a fool of myself …


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