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Kagan vs Palin on Book Banning

IUSB Vision recaps a piece from Big Journalism that addresses the blatant media bias in ignoring the fact that Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan has argued that he government has the power to ban books, while never retracting the false claim that Sarah Palin tried to ban books from the Wasilla library.

Now, take a look at these two collections of headlines. Notice that all the Palin headlines connect Palin directly to the charges of book-banning by discussing her “book banning efforts” even though there were no books banned and no lists made for possible bans. Then look at the Kagan headlines. You’ll notice they all link a Republican to a claim that Kagan wanted to ban books (with one saying that the charge of book-banning is just “talking points”). The way the Kagan headlines are written it makes it seem as if the charge of Kagan’s book-banning is just politics as usual, Republican charges made, just average, everyday Republican attacks. Yet the Palin headlines as much as say that Palin was banning books. With their headlines the Old Media convicted Palin in 2008 — yet today Kagan is nearly absolved of the charge.


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Rush’s 10 Questions for Obama

Via Moonbattery: 10 questions Rush Limbaugh would like to ask President Obama.


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Oil Spills and Government Regulation

Reason Magazine presents an interesting piece that manages to rather effectively tear down the meme that has been floating around as of late that capitalism and a lack of government regulation leads to worse environmental condition and a slowed response to environmental disasters.

[T]here was a comprehensive study [PDF] of the world’s oil spills between 1986-1996 published in April 2003 by the Joint UNDP/World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme. One of its many unsurprising findings was that in the former Soviet Union (FSU), 60 percent of oil spills weren’t even measured for environmental effects. One-party states, oddly enough, are not very responsive to their citizens’ desire for transparency, let alone environmental health.


To sum up: Capitalism does not = “no regulations and no role for the federal government during an environmental catastrophe.” Socialism does not = “better environmental stewardship and quicker clean-up efforts.”

Read the whole thing here.

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16 Million Award Upheld for Father Framed for Child Molestation

This case is rather disturbing, but very interesting, regarding legal issues, police procedures, and not to mention some social commentary as to what kind of people these are. Eugene Volokh at the Volokh conspiracy has a rather in-depth review of the case (most of which consists of quoting the decision, to tell the truth), which  is worth reading if you’re in to this kind of thing.

The case is White v. McKinley (8th Cir. May 17, 2010), and the damages award was $14 million in compensatory damages, $1 million in punitive damages against the plaintiff’s ex-wife, and $1 million in punitive damages against the police officer who was the ex-wife’s secret lover; the ex-wife and the police officer were found to have conspired to hide the relationship, and to get rid of a possibly exculpatory diary written by one of the children.

Read the whole thing here.

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The End of Socialism?

Steve McCann at American Thinker has a thought provoking piece on the downfall of socialism:

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, and it will continue to do so despite the best efforts of the die-hard true believers in the Obama administration and the rest of the world. The most recent example of this failure: Euro-Socialism is presently bankrupting the countries that embraced it in Europe. This will result not only in more social and economic upheaval, but also the ultimate demise of the ill-conceived European Union.

The original and current proponents of socialism fail to take into account one very basic but immutable factor: the fundamental nature of the human race.
The most dominant trait mankind has, as do all living creatures, is an innate desire to survive and prosper. Read the rest of this entry »

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Legal Analysis of the Arizona Immigration Law

Ilya Shapiro at the Cato Institute presents a fairly comprehensive review of the Arizona law that The Obama Administration insists is very bad despite the fact that no one there has bothered to read it: Read the rest of this entry »


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