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Academic Anti-Semitism

Brendan Goldman at American Thinker describes the inclusion of blatant anti-Semitism at a conference held by Columbia University, apparently defended as a legitimate academic perspective:

The population of Jews in the US is three percent … but [their ‘genius’] leads to their controlling so much power that even presidents are scared [of them]. Whether [President Barack] Obama will be able to escape the notion that three percent of the country is so powerful that the top gentile in the land cannot criticize Israel is not clear.
The above statement was made not by a Hamas or KKK leader, but by Ali al-Amin Mazrui, director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at SUNY Binghamton. He was addressing the Ifriqiyya Colloquium Conference, held on the top floor of Columbia University’s International Affairs Building, on Thursday, May 6. Mazrui is a darling of the far left, appearing prominently in venues such as Democracy Now, as well as at Islamist forums like the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Columbia Professor Mahmood Mamdani and Barnard College Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj also sat on the panel, the former serving as moderator. Mamdani introduced the speaker, telling the audience that the Ifriqiyya Colloquium was about “gain[ing] some depth to the study of Africa.” It may require a Ph.D. to appreciate how Mazrui’s anti-Semitic diatribe relates to that mission statement.

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Professor Removed for Though Grading

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker brings us this gem:

Grade inflation appears to have become policy at Louisiana State University, where Professor Dominique G. Homberger was removed from teaching an introductory biology course for giving tough grades. USA Today reports that the professor

… gives brief quizzes at the beginning of every class, to assure attendance and to make sure students are doing the reading. On her tests, she doesn’t use a curve, as she believes that students must achieve mastery of the subject matter, not just achieve more mastery than the worst students in the course. For multiple choice questions, she gives 10 possible answers, not the expected 4, as she doesn’t want students to get very far with guessing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Acadamia vs Reality

Now, before presenting this, I must preface it with the fact that I am at present an academic, I work with academics, and I have a great respect for several of my professors, including some who I disagree with vehemently on political issues. That said, I am often struck by the academic propensity to favor abstract theory over real-world situations (at least in the humanities), to the point where much academic discourse proceeds in the face of actual real-life examples against it. (This is one of the reasons that socialism is so popular in academic circles.)

So, ISUB Vision has a fun little video reminding us of the tendency of much of academia to dismiss real-work experience in the favor of abstract theory. (Well cultured readers will remember this movie.)

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Redefining Rape

Duke University, bowing to the pressure of feminists at the Duke Women’s Center, has rewritten its “sexual misconduct” policy in such broad terms that even consensual sex can be considered rape. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has issued a statement on the matter and is challenging the new policy:

Duke University has instituted a new “sexual misconduct” policy that can render a student guilty of non-consensual sex simply because he or she is considered “powerful” on campus. The policy claims that “perceived power differentials may create an unintentional atmosphere of coercion.” Duke’s new policy transforms students of both sexes into unwitting rapists simply because of the “atmosphere” or because one or more students are “intoxicated,” no matter the degree. The policy also establishes unfair rules for judging sexual misconduct accusations … Read the rest of this entry »

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Judge Rules Conservative Columnist’s Opinion Pieces Not Protected By First Amendment

Conservative columnist Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and regular contributor to Townhall, just had a federal judge rule that his opinion columns are not protected by the First Amendment — because he referred to them in a job application.

From Garrett Murch at Townhall:

A federal judge has ruled the opinion pieces written by UNC-Wilimington criminology professor and popular Townhall columnist, Mike Adams, are not protected by the First Amendment because Adams referred to them in an application for promotion.  Huh?

Adams sued after being denied promotion due to his religious views.  The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which has come to Adams’ defense, is now considering options to appeal the decision.

In a statement, ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence was quoted, “We disagree with the court’s assessment that Dr. Adams’ speech is somehow not protected by the Constitution. Opinion columns are classic examples of free speech protected by the First Amendment, and mentioning them on a promotion application does not change this fact.”

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Conservatives on Campus

Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News covers a case at Florida Atlanic University where a conservative group had their meeting interrupted and the police called on them, because they were conservative. Read the rest of this entry »

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Civics Quiz

Counterculture Conservative presents an interesting civics quiz by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s American Civic Literacy Program. The results are disturbing, to say the least. Counterculture Conservative provides a redacted summary: Read the rest of this entry »

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