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The Rand Paul Headstomping Incident

I’ve waited a bit to comment on this, in part because I’ve had other things going on, and in part because I wanted to see what further developments came from it. And I think I’ve got enough of a picture of what happened.

First, a recap for anyone who hasn’t heard about this yet. At a recent debate in Kentucky between Rand Paul and his Democratic opponent Jack Conway, a woman was subdued and allegedly stomped in the head by Rand Paul supporters.

(I say allegedly because the video shows that she was stomped kinda on the shoulder, not the head. Not that this somehow makes it okay, but just mentioning it in the interest of accuracy, which as will soon be demonstrated, is important because the Left has ignored it. Accuracy, that is.)

The action itself, of course, seems pretty inexcusable. Some conservatives speculated that this woman and the people who attacked her were part of some kind of conspiracy and all in on it together, but that isn’t the case. Rand Paul immediately condemned the incident, and the person responsible for the stomping, a Rand election coordinator, was fired and banned from future events.

Okay, sounds good so far. There are supposedly criminal charges pending, Rand has disavowed the action, and we move on, right?


The “activist ” involved – a woman named Lauren Valle — claims that she was peacefully presenting her sign when she was recognized by Rand supporters, surrounded, and attacked. She did nothing, she says, but exercise her First Amendment rights, and those evil right-wingers viciously attacked her!

This, of course, became the narrative the Left was pushing – that the Right is violent and extreme, and will use violence to suppress free speech. Leftist shill and nutjob Chris Matthews almost immediately drew Nazi comparisons, invoking Brownshirted Republicans beating dissenters.

Classy, as always, Mr. Matthews.

So, we have Miss Valle’s version of the events:

Well just before the tape I was identified by the Rand Paul campaign because they’ve seen me around town at these events. And they realized they know me because of my work and they don’t support it. So they actually formed a blockade around me once they realized that I was there. And as Rand’s car pulls up they step in front of me and start to block me so I stepped off the curb to try and get around them and at that point they pursued me around the car, chased me around the car, and what you see in the video is when I’m in the front of the car and that’s when I’m pulled down and then my head is stomped on.

Well, it didn’t go down that way.

Says Donald Douglas:

More details at Red State. But honestly, she’s a young woman with a criminal history. And as we can see she’s obviously lying about being “chased around the car,” which is typical for leftists. And of course, commie idiots like Blue Texan and Scott Lemieux are simply suborning the dishonesty. It’s all plain as day.

Robert Stacy McCain, who has followed this story diligently, also opines:

The video shows activist Lauren Valle lunging toward Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul’s vehicle, thrusting her sign through the vehicle’s open window.

Red State is quick to say, “You don’t stomp on a person’s head.” Indeed. But as Red State also says, “the idea that Valle was the victim of an angry mob . . . is demonstrably false. . . . She claims to have been an innocent bystander. She clearly was not.”

And the initial breaking report from Red State:

This video was sent to RedState by an anonymous witness at the event. It shows what Valle was doing when the Paul supporters grabbed her. No one chased her around the car. She was never in front of the car. As you can see in the video, Valle reached in the candidate’s window with her “RepubliCorp” sign and shoved it in his face. Several supporters in Paul shirts have her surrounded at that point, and a man in a suit is the first person to actually intervene physically. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it could be that the man in the suit was with Paul’s security staff.

Toward the end of the video, you see several Paul supporters asking a police officer to come intervene. It was Paul supporters who told Profitt to back off. It was Paul supporters who brought the police. Contrary to the growing narrative on the left, this video clearly shows that Valle was not the victim of a conspiracy to “take her out.”


Again, as the video clearly demonstrates, Valle was there to do more than simply “hold a sign,” and Paul supporters were not reacting to a mere dislike of her message.

As we noted at the beginning of the article, none of that is any excuse, nor even mitigating circumstances, when it comes to Profitt stomping on Valle’s head.

ISUB Vision has a video clip from Fox News discussing the incident:

So we get to the real matter here. Yes, it was wrong that Valle was attacked the way she was. But then again, we have to consider the fact that she was wearing a disguise, and she lunged at a conservative political candidate – twice, and once while shoving an object at him. And she responded by condemning right-wing violence.

I’ll say it. She was hoping to provoke this kind of response.

Mrs. Valle is a professional activist and trouble-maker. Her criminal record speaks to her desire to stir trouble to gain publicity and push her radical agendas.

Robert Stacy McCain:

Miss Valle appears to be an itinerant all-purpose protester. Two years ago, while a student at Columbia University, she was the youngest of five Americans detained by Chinese officials after unfurling a “Free Tibet” banner at the Beijing Olympics. In May of this year, she was charged with felony trespassing in Louisiana when she and other Greenpeace activists illegally boarded a ship, unfurled a banner, and painted the ship with slogans, a protest evidently timed to coincide with an appearance in the area by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. (Their banner read: “Salazar Ban Arctic Drilling.”) Law enforcement officials said the Greenpeace group had been in the area for two weeks and “had been repeatedly warned not to hamper clean up operations and not to trespass.”

So what we have is a professional troublemaker/publicity hound who instigated a response that she and the Left could then use to demonize the Right. And it worked. Because if they were really worried about politically motivated violence at these kinds of events, they would have mentioned the other attack that occurred that night:

In a separate incident, according to the Kentucky Post, “a Conway supporter stepped on the foot of a female Rand supporter, who recently had foot surgery. The woman was wearing a surgical boot, but after the injury, her incision was cut open. Police say she refused medical treatment and also filed an assault report.

A woman in disguise lunges at a candidate while thrusting an object at him, and is subdued, and it is proof of inherent Right-wing violence. At the same event, a Left-winger stomps on the bandaged foot of a conservative woman, and nary a peep. Typical.

And lest we forget, Robert Stacy McCain reminds us that if we’re looking for violence at political events, we should be looking to the Left:

And don’t lecture us, Mr. Matthews, about people who “hire armies” in politics. Why don’t you ask some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters how Obama’s goon squads cheated in every caucus from Iowa to Texas?

Let’s see: Black Panthers wielding nightsticks at polling places, Kenneth Gladney  beaten by union thugs, Bill Rice’s finger bitten off by MoveOn protesters . . . Hey, if you really want to argue that political violence is “right wing by its very nature,” Mr. Matthews, we could point to the riots in France and Greece. And what about the May Day riots in Santa Cruz, Calif.? But I guess if it’s OK to hang around with terrorists, all bets are off.

And golly, why isn’t this case of a Leftist choking a conservative counter-protester getting such wide coverage?

On October 19 outside the venue where a candidate debate was about to be held between Arizona’s Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her Republican challenger Jesse Kelly, a, left-wing activist physically accosted a lone conservative that had the temerity to yell back and challenge the leftist’s outrageous claims.


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Yet Another Alan Grayson Crazy Moment

Why haven’t they dragged this guy off in a straight jacket yet? And who on earth would vote for this guy? He makes Keith Olberman look calm and reasonable.

Tea Party Patriots Live has the scoop:

On Thursday, April 8th, 2010, Congressman Alan Grayson, Democrat in Florida’s 8th district, interrupted a district meeting of the local Orange County Republican Executive Committee.  The meeting was being held at Perkins, a family restaurant.

Unanswered question: How did Alan Grayson know about this meeting?  Who informed him?  Was this staged?

Matthew Falconer, candidate for Orange County Mayor, quickly challenged Alan’s rudeness.  Grayson demanded not to be interrupted, but Falconer quickly reminded the congressman that he is in fact interrupting their meeting. Read the rest of this entry »


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How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America interviews John Avalon, author of the book Wingnuts: How The Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.

Hyper-partisans and rhetorical extremists on the left and the right—characters such as Reps. Alan Grayson and Michele Bachmann, commentators such as Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck—are not simply polarizing the debate, argues Avlon, who is a regular presence on CNN and a columnist for The Daily Beast.

Far more importantly (and destructively), they are obscuring the fact that the U.S. electorate is, in the main, proto-libertarian. Independents are the fastest-growing group of voters, says Avlon and, “They tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal to libertarian.” Avlon is also the author of Independent Nation: How Centrism Can Change American Politics.

I’m trying to figure out just how the libertarian Beck is part of the far-right fringe, and there are plenty of libertarian lunatics as well (a lot of the truthers are left-leaning libertarians). But he makes an interesting argument anyway, I suppose.

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Sean Penn Suggests Jail Time for Chavez Critics

Not content to simply wish death by rectal cancer upon his own critics, actor and Leftist blowhard Sean Penn has now suggested that anyone who describes Communist dictator Hugo Chavez as a Communist dictator should be jailed.

NewBusters has the story of how, in an interview with Bill Maher on his relief efforts in Haiti, Penn defends Chavez as a duly elected president and humanitarian: Read the rest of this entry »

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Truther Shoots Up Pentagon (Updated)

Yesterday a “well-dressed, well-educated” man armed to the teeth walked up to the Pentagon, pulled out a gun, and started shooting. Police responded by shooting him in the head, and he is now resting comfortably in a freezer in someone’s morgue. The man, John Patrick Bedell, was connected to “anti-government writings.” Unfortunately, the media didn’t get too far with their “violence+antigovernment=tea partymeme before the truth came out — Bedell was a left-wing, anti-Bush 9/11 truther. Read the rest of this entry »

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MSNBC Finally Gets Ratings Boost

Nice Deb comments on the irony of how MSNBC’s latest insanity — an idiotic rant by host Dylan Ratigan about how the Tea Party is evil, racist, homophobic, eats babies, etc. — has massively increased the network’s visibility. At least on YouTube.

This is what’s so nice about YouTube; it allows you to view these mutants on MSNBC without ever having to tune into their station. Which I avoid doing at all costs.

The video clip of  Ratigan ranting insanely about the NAZI RACISTS at the tea parties went viral, and became the  Most Viewed News/Politics video of the day.  It even became the 26th most popular clip on YouTube as a whole.

Yes, the delicious irony. This clip has proven so popular, yet MSNBCs ratings continue to slide into the depths of Tartarus. Read the rest of this entry »

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The California College Revolt

Donald Douglas at American Power takes a look at an upcoming “protest” (i.e. riot) at the university he works at. Disguised as a union protest against cuts to the education budget, the movement is working with communist and anarchist groups advocating an “occupation” and seizure of private property across the state in order to acquire the resources they desire for their goals. Where  come from, we call that “theft,” but apparently they call it “revolution.” Whatever. Read the rest of this entry »

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