Obama’s Marxist Roots

Nice Deb links to this interview with one Dr. John C. Drew, who attended Occidental College with Barrack Obama and discusses the president’s Marxist inclinations. Drew apparently once shared those ideological leanings, but no longer does. It is aparent that Obama’s views have not changed so much.


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  1. #1 by futiledemocracy on Tue 16 Feb 2010 - 12:01

    ” It is aparent that Obama’s views have not changed so much.”

    – Do you know what a Marxist is? I mean ACTUALLY know what a Marxist is? Not just what a few moronic right winged Americans think is a Marxist. The fact that America still has a State, still has private property, still has a system of wages and profit, suggests that Obama is far from a Marxist. Just because he believes in universal healthcare (which is what we in the UK have, and according to the W.H.O, we spend less on our healthcare than you do, and yet, we’re living longer, have a better child mortality rate and are 18th in the World, compared to your 36th, so fuck off with the “OMG SOCIALISM!!!!” bullshit) does not make him a Marxist.
    The World is sick to death of right winged America.

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Tue 16 Feb 2010 - 22:36

      Wow, your argument has made it all clear to me. I always thought that a Marxist was someone who believed in and espoused ideas, policies, and programs in line with the teaching of Marx and Engels. Apparently I was wrong, as such a person is not a Marxist unless he single-handedly overturns capitalism. Thank you for enlightening me to my misconception.

      Actually, I don’t think that Obama is a Marxist because he wants to impose socialist medicine upon the US. I think he has some leaning toward Marxism, but that doesn’t make him a hard-line Marxist, despite the fact that he hangs out with Marxists, has praised Marxists, and talked about how he looked up to Marxists. He has certainly pushed for some socialist policies other than socialized medicine, such as wage and price caps, increased taxes, and government control of corporations. I suppose that strictly speaking that would make him a fascist.

      I’m also glad that you’re enjoying your socialized medicine. I’m glad that your child mortality rate is lower, even though it’s because the medical technology in the US is so much better that infants are considered viable when severely premature and thus more likely to die, and that many premature births in the UK are not counted as live births. I do hope you work to improve that cancer survival rate a bit — by US standards it’s abysmal. Would I be bragging too much if I mentioned I can see a dentist whenever I want, and that my government hasn’t issued a brochure telling me how to pull my own teeth? And when I’m 75, I’ll still be allowed access to intensive care if I need it. Man, you’ve got it good. I guess if you never want to take the time to actually bear the responsibility of your health care yourself, and would rather have the all-powerful state do it for you, you’ve got a great thing going.

      Myself, I’d rather stay in a place where I can choose my own doctor without a government bureaucrat telling me otherwise, where I can express any opinions I want without fear of censorship, where I don’t have to subsidize a state church, where I actually have the right to defend myself from harm, and where I can walk across a major city without being under continual video surveillance.

      For being so obsessed with the United States, perhaps you should study a bit more about it and the principles it was founded upon. Unless, of course, you just want something to hate, in which case, go on ahead, have fun in your socialist police state, and don’t worry about what I’m doing in my country. I’ve got enough concerns here, what with politicians trying to make my country like yours, and with my country having to deal with the aftermath of British imperialism in the Middle East.

      And last time I checked, you don’t speak for the Whole World, or what it is sick of. If that has changed, let me know.

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