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3 Reasons to Legalize Pot

From Reason TV: 3 Reasons to Legalize Pot Now!

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Tax Facts from Reason

Reason TV presents a few tax facts that should make you angry.

Is it patriotic to pay taxes? And if so, who are the most patriotest Americans? Who are the least? How many words are in the tax code? How much do patriotic Americans pay to prepare their taxes? How long do you have to work in a year to earn enough to pay your taxes?

The answers to these and other questions add up to one big W-2 WTF.


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On Lowering the Drinking Age

Reason TV presents a short video discussing the current drinking age across the US, and whether there is any merit in maintaining the drinking age at 21 instead of one lower.

Today, we all take the drinking age for granted, but should we? In fact, the US is one of only four countries in the world with a drinking age as high as 21—the other three are Indonesia, Mongolia and Palau.

Is the policy working to reduce health and safety issues related to youthful alchohol abuse? Is enforcing the drinking age the best use of scarce public resources? What are the unintended consequences of alcohol prohibition for 18-20 year olds?

Organizations such as Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) argue that the drinking age is an effective policy and that the answer to ongoing alcohol related problems for 18-20 year olds is more education and better enforcement.

John McCardell, president of Choose Responsibility, and 135 university presidents and chancellors across the country believe it’s time to take a fresh look at the drinking age. The former president of Middlebury College and the new head of Sewanee/University of the South, McCardell says our current system encourages unsupervised binge drinking.

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Why Health Care Reform Won’t Cut the Defecit

Reason TV presents a short video offering 3 big reasons why Obamacare won’t cut the deficit:

1. Legislative Trickery. Congressional Democrats have pledged support for “the doc fix,” a permanent upward adjustment to the rates at which Medicare providers are reimbursed. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said, “We have made a commitment to do this. This is very important.” The cost of the “doc fix”? Some $247 billion over the next 10 years, wiping out any deficit reduction from health care reform.

2. Higher Premiums. In 2006, Massachusetts passed health care reform very similar to what President Obama just signed. The result? The Bay State now has the highest premiums in the country and cost about 33 percent more than expected.

3. Bad Accounting. The government is terrible at predicting how much programs will cost, especially when it comes to medical care. Initial 1960s’ projections of Medicare’s costs in 1990 had the program costing about $12 billion; the actual result was almost 10 times that amount. As a Joint Economic Committee report notes, “Major health care proposals have almost always cost more…than the highest cost estimates published while the legislation was pending.”

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Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey! (Updated)

Reason TV has been compiling a series of videos featuring Drew Carey on how liberal policies have destroyed the city of Cleveland, and how free market principles can save it.

These are episodes 1-5 out of six. When the sixth video is available, I will update and bump this post. Episode 6 is now included! All six episodes appear here for your personal enlightenment.

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Privatizing City Services

Leonard Gilroy at Reason Magazine writes an article on why and how cities should privatize municipal services:

Over the last half century, governments of all political complexions have increasingly embraced privatization-shifting some or all aspects of service delivery to the private sector. This is a strategy to lower the costs of government and achieve higher performance and better outcomes for tax dollars spent. Local policymakers in many jurisdictions in the U.S. and around the world have used privatization to better the lives of citizens by offering them higher quality services at lower costs, delivering greater choice and more efficient, effective government.

The reason for the widespread appeal of privatization is simple: It works. Decades of successful privatization policies have proven that private sector innovation and initiative can do certain things better than the public sector.

The article follows Episode Three of Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey: Privatize It!

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