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Climate Skeptics = Terrorists

Vladimir at Red State brings us the story from the UK, where those skeptical of climate change, who called for Freedom of Information releases of climate data, are being investigated by counter-terrorism experts.

Individuals who made Freedom of Information inquiries of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit have come under police scrutiny, including interviews to determine their political beliefs, scientific qualifications, and details regarding computer usage, according to an article in The Financial Times. [Link requires registration.]

Even more troubling, local police are being aided in their investigation by members of the National Domestic Extremism Team, the unit set up to counter home-grown terrorists and radicals. The purported reason for their involvement is their skills in computer forensics and their experience dealing with environmental terrorists.

But it’s curious that, given the very real threat of terrorism, both in the U.K. and the U.S., precious resources are allocated to tracking down a culprit who would be glorified as a “whistleblower” if his politics were different.

Read the whole thing here.


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Michigan Militia Group Raided by FBI

A eight people in Michigan with ties to a so-called militia group were arrested on charges of conspiring to kill police officers.

Fox News reports:

Nine suspects tied to a militia in the Midwest are charged with conspiring to kill police officers, then attack a funeral in the hopes of killing more law enforcement people, federal prosecutors said Monday.

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said agents moved on the group because the Hutaree members were planning a violent reconnaissance mission sometime in April — just a few days away. Read the rest of this entry »

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Terrorists Attack Moscow Subway

Russian police believe that two female suicide bombers set of explosions that killed over 35 people in the Moscow subway system early this morning.

From CNN:

Russian investigators combing two subway stations attacked by female suicide bombers think Chechen rebels may have been behind the rush-hour strike that killed dozens of people.

“Our preliminary assessment is that this act of terror was committed by a terrorist group from the North Caucasus region,” said Alexander Bortnikov of the Federal Security Service, in reference to the investigation at one of the blast sites.

“We consider this the most likely scenario, based on investigations conducted at the site of the blast,” Bortnikov said. “Fragments of the suicide bombers’ body found at the blast, according to preliminary findings, indicate that the bombers were from the North Caucasus region.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Jihad Jane and the Colorado Mom

The arrest of Jihad Jane was big news. Now there’s more on some of the other people involved in the plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. A woman from Colorado, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, was one of those arrested in Ireland in connection with the Vilks plot. Paulin-Ramirez apparently recently converted to Islam and went to New York to marry a Muslim man she met online. The pair were part of a group of people arrested in Ireland in connection to the Jihad Jane murder plot.

There seems to be a common thread Between Paulin-Ramirez and LaRose. Both women seemed to be lonely, unable to maintain stable relationships, and eager to connect to someone or something that promised them purpose. Islam is a very elegant religion, and it would be very easy for someone seeking to use Islam to recruit people to terrorism to convert women like these.

Robert Stacy McCain comments on the story, mentioning the lonely hearts aspect of the case. Perhaps by the end of her fourth marriage Paulin-Ramirez was getting desparate?

The Lonely Conservative also comments, focusing instead on the fact that Paulin-Ramirez has a young son who was given a Muslim name and dragegd along to Ireland for the ride.

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Jihad Jane Arrested in Murder Plot (Updated)

A radical Muslim agitator and propagandist known on the internet as Jihad Jane was arrested and charged with recruiting terrorists and plotting the murder of a Swedish cartoonist known for drawing the head of Mohammed on the body of a dog (Muslims regard dogs as unclean).

From Fox News:

A Pennsylvania woman known to authorities as “JihadJane” has been charged in federal court with using the Internet to recruit jihadist fighters to carry out murders and violent attacks overseas.

The woman, Colleen R. LaRose, was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, making false statements to a government official and attempted identity theft, according to the indictment, unsealed Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

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