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Tea Party vs Oklahoma City

In their increasingly desperate attempt to slander the Tea Party movement, Democrats are taking advantage of the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to insinuate a connection between Timothy McVeigh and the Tea Party. This intellectually dishonest distortion of reality is a continuation of the efforts to link the Tea Party with racism and violence, despite all evidence to the contrary.

And it’s taking of big time with the help of President Clinton. Read the rest of this entry »


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Tax Day Tea Parties

The Tea Party is Kansas City obviously wasn’t the only one on Tax Day. Since I could only be in one city at a time, I’ve found some other folks who covered some of the happenings across the country.

Robert Stacy McCain has a nice article at the American Spectator on the Tea Party and its gaining momentum:

Perhaps the biggest sign of Tea Party success is a new wave of attacks on the movement from the Left and a surge of attention from the liberal media. Most bizarre of the attacks was the announcement earlier this week of “Crash the Tea Party,” an effort by liberal activists to infiltrate rallies in an effort to discredit the movement. That project was organized by Jason Levin, who told the Associated Press that he believes most Tea Party attendees are “homophobes, racists or morons” — although perhaps not so moronic as a saboteur who gives advance notice of his plans for sabotage. He was put on paid leave by the Oregon public school that employs him, under suspicion that he may have done his activism during work hours. How did his infiltrators fare Thursday? “They came, they saw, they failed,” as Michelle Malkin summarized it.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News covers the Tea Party at Myrtle Beach, where he gave a speech:

Kathleen McKinley, also at Right Wing News, has pictures from the Tea Party in Houston.

Robert Stacy McCain’s co-blogger, Smitty, has some coverage of the Washington DC Tea Party, and has video from Andrew Breitbart’s speech.

Smitty has a roundup of other Tea Party coverage as well.

The Reaganite Republican also has some roundup coverage of Tea Parties across the country.

Neal Boortz was in DC giving a little speech, and had a video of the Tea Party there up.

Van Helsing at Moobattery has some fantastic pictures from Tea Parties across the nation.

Left Coast Rebel brings us some pictures from the Tea Party in Oceanside, CA. Donald Douglas at American Power was also there.

IUSB Vision has proof of the violence at the Tea Parties: some Tea Partiers brought vicious attack dogs to intimidate people!

Common Cents has more from DC:

And of course, I have a post on the Kansas City Tea Party, as does Nice Deb.

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Kansas City Tea Party 15 April 2010

Thoughts and Impressions

The Tea Party was a big hit. There were a lot of interesting people that I talked to and met, including several political candidates. I also got a bunch of photos, despite having more issues with my cell phone camera.

I made up some business cards and passed them out, so hopefully some of the people I met will visit this site. (I apologize for the crudity of the cards — the slicer at Kinko’s wasn’t working right.) Read the rest of this entry »

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April 15th Tax Day Tea Parties, and the Forces Against Them

Tomorrow, April 15th, will see a large number of Tea Parties across the nation. I will be trying to make it to at least one of the Kansas City Tea Parties, and if I do, I’ll post whatever pictures I can get.

But the big news surrounding the April 15th Tea Parties has been the buzz about leftist plans to infiltrate and crash them. Because when you claim to support free speech and denounce your opponents as fascists and Nazis, the it apparently makes more sense to engage in Brownshirt tactics instead of actual substantive political debate. Read the rest of this entry »

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April 15 Kansas City Tea Party (Updated and Bumped)

Anyone in the Kansas City area who can’t make it out to Google Topeka tomorrow (or anyone who can and wants more) can come by the Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party in Kansas City, KS. The event if from 3pm to 9pm at the Community America Ballpark, admission is free, and donations will be collected for the Disabled American Veterans organization.

Info is available on Political Chips, including a partial guest list, which will include local radio host Darla Jaye and keynote speaker Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani from Raging Elephants, as well as directions from all around the area.

I should be able to make it to this one, so hopefully I’ll get some pictures to put up.

*Updated 10 Apr 2010*

Just wanted to bump this post as a reminder. It’s less than a week away now, and it should be a big event!

Nice Deb also wants you to go, and you can’t say no to her. She also has noticed that there is a second Tea Party scheduled for April 15th in the Kansas City area, this one in Kansas City Missouri. Tea Party Patriots has the info on this one, which will be at the JC Nichols Fountain on the Plaza from 12-2. Anyone who is so inclined should be able to make it to both!

*Bumped 14 April 2010*

If you’re in the Kansas City area, you should go! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but I’m going to try to get there, and hopefully get some pictures.

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Anarchists Plan to Crash Tax Day Tea Parties (Updated)

It always amuses me how anarchism is supposed to be opposed to a massive growth of government and intrusion of government into people’s lives, yet so many self-described anarchists are die-hard socialists.

Jawa Report covers the call to fight the evil racist class oppressors of the Tea Party:

On April 15th thousands of right-wingers will attend rallies in cities and towns across the United States. The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers.[…] Read the rest of this entry »

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Crashing the Tea Party Crashers

As I mentioned earlier, Left Coast Rebel (and quite a few other conservative sources) has been bringing attention to the latest liberal effort to discredit the Tea Party: a website called Crash the Tea Party, which encourages visitors to infiltrate Tea Parties and disrupt them. Left Coast Rebel was calling for intrepid bloggers to infiltrate this site and see what was going on. As it turns out, not much.

The site had been publicized by Sean Hannity and other conservatives, and by far the majority of the posts on the forum were from conservative trolls. Not really conducive to infiltrating the site to deduce their infiltration plans, but some of it was lulzworthy. Some of the early posts were useful, but the site operators are quite on to us now.

The site seems to be run by someone who calls himself Mad Hatter. (I’ll give props — that’s actually pretty creative regarding the whole Tea Party theme.) Another frequent poster calls himself  enhancelogic (lolwut?). These two seem to be the most constructive organizers of the website. Their suggestions and their mindset are … interesting.

So, I have some screenshots. Read the rest of this entry »

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