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The Obama Tax Cuts and Other Myths

Robert Stacy McCain dismantles a mythical assertion by Frank Rich at the New York Times that Obama isn’t getting credit for his tax cuts:

This is, evidently, the Great Democrat Myth of 2010, a sequel to “We Didn’t Get Our Message Out” (2004) and “Bush Stole the Election” (2000). Whenever Democrats lose an election, their craving for self-esteem requires that they manufacture a myth to explain it to themselves and to the world. This year, they’re planning ahead!

What was included in the February 2009 stimulus package was not a “tax cut.” No one’s tax rates were reduced. Instead, there was a temporary two-year tax credit that reduced payroll witholding by — brace yourself — a whopping $8 a week: Read the rest of this entry »



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Salvation for New Jersey

New Jersey has had a long history of fiscal irresponsibility and excessive spending, on both a state and municipal level. The worsetning economy and increasing debt of the federal and other state governments, however, has brought more pressure to reduce deficits, and New Jersey has come out ahead of the game here. Thanks to the efforts of Republican Governor Chris Christie, and surprising support from the Democrat-controlled legislature, New Jersey is coasting to fiscal responsibility and viability. RiShawn Biddle at the American Spectator takes a look at what is going on in New Jersey. Read the rest of this entry »

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