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Hate, Violence, and a Short Memory

Evan Coyne Maloney runs the political website/blog/twitter feed at Brain Terminal, and is also co-founder of an independent film company known as On the Fence Films, which produced the spectacular documentary on political bias on college campuses, Indoctrinate U. If you’re not familiar with his work, I highly recommend you check some of his stiff out.

Maloney first caught my attention before the Iraq War, when he infiltrated some of the anti-war protests and filmed the antics there. He has since filmed at several protests, cataloging the rhetoric displayed at these events. And given the sudden concern that the left-wing media have over the supposedly over-the-top and hateful sentiments at the Tea Party protests, Maloney is the perfect  guy to remind the left of the recent past that they never seemed to want to notice while it was happening, and are eager to forget about now. Read the rest of this entry »


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Right-Wing Venom and Hate

Newsbuster has two very interesting cases that show the hatred, contempt, and venom that right-wingers routinely spew about their political opponents.

For our first case study, we turn to the far-right archconservative Tea Party extremist Bill Maher. Commenting on the recent shooting at the Pentagon, Maher commented that he wished the shooter, who was killed by police, had been Glenn Beck (video at the link): Read the rest of this entry »

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