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Crashing the Tea Party Crashers

As I mentioned earlier, Left Coast Rebel (and quite a few other conservative sources) has been bringing attention to the latest liberal effort to discredit the Tea Party: a website called Crash the Tea Party, which encourages visitors to infiltrate Tea Parties and disrupt them. Left Coast Rebel was calling for intrepid bloggers to infiltrate this site and see what was going on. As it turns out, not much.

The site had been publicized by Sean Hannity and other conservatives, and by far the majority of the posts on the forum were from conservative trolls. Not really conducive to infiltrating the site to deduce their infiltration plans, but some of it was lulzworthy. Some of the early posts were useful, but the site operators are quite on to us now.

The site seems to be run by someone who calls himself Mad Hatter. (I’ll give props — that’s actually pretty creative regarding the whole Tea Party theme.) Another frequent poster calls himself  enhancelogic (lolwut?). These two seem to be the most constructive organizers of the website. Their suggestions and their mindset are … interesting.

So, I have some screenshots. Read the rest of this entry »


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