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Multi-Talented Global Warming

Anthropogenic Global Warming, or the theory that human activity is increasing the temperature of the planet, has been coming under fire for a while, especially with the recent Climategate scandal and the more recent comments by Phil Jones confirming that much of the data used to support climate change were falsified. This has done little to stop the Left in its mindless support of AGW as a means to implement draconian economic restriction on the world. AGW has long taken on the characteristic of a religious position rather than a scientific one, and the fact that climate change is being treated as unfalsifiable strengthens that analogy. The Left holds that any weather pattern — be it normal, abnormal, expected, unexpected, or not even related to weather — is proof of AGW, and nothing, even the fact that the average global temperature has been dropping for almost a decade, disproves it. That sounds like religious convicion to me. Read the rest of this entry »


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He Blinded Me With Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy says that if you don’t buy global warming, you’re unpatriotic, and you’re denying science. NewsBusters has and extensive commentary, including the video. Read the rest of this entry »

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