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On the Coffee Party (Updated)

Much ado has been generated by this new political phenomenon known as the “Coffee Party.” The Coffee Party is presenting itself as some kind of grassroots, genuine , common-sense response to the hatred, venom, and racism that form the core of liberals attempt to find in the Tea Party. In reality, it is an astroturf pseudo-movement created by an Obama supporter, dedicated to, well, supporting Obama, which has very little real participation but lots and lots of media hype. Read the rest of this entry »


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Organizing for America

The latest in left-wing astroturfing is targeting conservative talk radio.

I give you Orgainizing for America.

This page at Barrack Obama’s website provides a talk radio show currently on the air and a phone number to reach it. (Clicking a link will give you a new one if you want.) Included are a set of talking points for Obamacare, as well as advice on including a personal sob-story. You then get to “report” your call. (they’re keeping track of this?)

So much for legitimate support for Obama’s health care plan if they’re having to resort to pre-scripted activist callers.

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