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Principles: Abortion

I’ll start with the sticky wicket, and I’ll start with a very simple statement to a very complex issue.

Abortion is wrong.

I think most people will agree with that on some level, even people who support it. There are very few people who would celebrate it as a good and wonderful act.

Abortion is the ending of a human life.

Leftists try desperately to ignore this simple fact. It makes it easier for them to pretend that abortion isn’t wrong, and to dismiss arguments from the right that it is wrong. Anyone who has had or known someone who has had a child knows that a growing fetus is human, and is felt and loved as one. And if it dies, is mourned as one. And as far as I am concerned, ignoring the humanity of an unborn child is one of the worst elements of the abortion debate. To ignore the humanity of a person is to allow one to commit any atrocity without compunction, and the history of various socialisms bear this out.

Sometimes wrong things are necessary.

And here’s the sticky part. Sometimes what is wrong takes back seat to what is necessary. Stealing is wrong, but if you’re starving, you’ll steal to feed your family. Killing people is wrong, but is acceptable in cases of self defense and even celebrated in war. And sometimes, killing an unborn child is what is absolutely necessary, either to protect the life of the mother or the well being and survival of the rest of the family.

Keeping a wrong thing legal makes it less dangerous.

Here’s the libertarian in me coming out. Just because something is wrong does not mean it should be illegal. The leftists are right that keeping abortion illegal makes it safer, as does keeping it available. Because if something is necessary, but inaccessible, then it will be done anyway, and the results can be worse. The left is wrong, however, in equating accessibility with taxpayer funding. The left will assert that refusing to have the Federal government fund abortion is the same as making abortion illegal, and this is absurdly false.

Men should be involved in decisions to abort.

This is another thing the left like to ignore. The father should have input on the decision to abort a child. It is not a choice that is a woman’s alone, and this is very apparent when one considers than while women may choose whether or not to give birth, men bear responsibility for that choice. A man cannot force a woman to carry and give birth to a child he wants but she does not, but a woman can force a man to be financially responsible for eighteen years to a child she wants but he does not.

Keeping abortion legal and accessible does not serve as an endorsement of it.

Keeping things legal and available does not confirm a moral support to them. It affirms that by allowing it in certain circumstances, it can keep them safer for all involved. Nevada has demonstrated this with prostitution. There are numerous studies that suggest the same for drugs. And the right needs to accept that it can issue a moral condemnation without a legal prohibition — the conflation of the two is the right’s biggest problem.




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I’ve been ponder a few things lately. Like why am I a Republican. Like what issues I agree with the GOP on and what issues I agree with the Democrats with. Like what the philosophical difference are between the parties, and where I stand if I don’t side with one over the other.

So I’m going to be putting together a few posts on basic principles, positions, and worldviews. What I stand for, what I oppose, and why. And what I’m ready to compromise on, and which lesser evil I will side with. I wouldn’t mind if any of my few remaining readers commented or presented input on what I have to say, but if I’m to re-start this blog, I need to establish a baseline. This is where I stand.

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Still Alive …

Yes, I’m still out there. Just been way too busy to put in the time and effort to keep up the blog. I’ve got a Twitter account going, though, and I’ll be tossing out the occasional comments and links now and then. Twitter feed will be displayed at the right, and anyone on Twitter can follow me there: @GOPHeretic



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Phillip Greenspan has a personal account of excessive, inefficient, and overly redundant government regulation, and how it impacts his own small business:

Finally, the FAA inspector looked at my random drug testing program to make sure that everything was in place. I’m subject to the same drug testing requirements as United Airlines. I am the drug testing coordinator for our company, so I am responsible for scheduling drug tests and surprising employees when it is their turn to be tested. As it happens, I’m also the only “safety-sensitive employee” subject to drug testing, so basically I’m responsible for periodically surprising myself with a random drug test. As a supervisor, I need to take training so that I can recognize when an employee is on drugs. But I’m also the only employee, so really this is training so that I can figure out if I myself am on drugs. As an employee, I need to take a second training course so that I learn about all of the ways that my employer might surprise me with a random drug test and find out about drug use. But I’m also the employer so really I’m learning about how I might trap myself.

Read the whole thing. H/T Walter Olson at the Cato Institute.

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Reaganomics vs Keynesianism

Peter Ferrara at the American Spectator goes into depth on something that should be glaringly apparent: Keynesian economics is a failure.

[T]he economies of both the United States and Canada moved in lockstep during the financial crisis, with unemployment at 6.1% in both countries in August 2008, and rising to around 8 percent in February 2009, when President Obama’s Keynesian trillion dollar stimulus bill was passed. U.S. unemployment then continued to shoot up to over 10%, and stayed above 9.5% for almost another year and a half, lately resuming its upward rise. But in Canada, unemployment peaked at 8.7% in September 2009, and has fallen since to 7.4% today, behaving more like the American economy used to, before Obama’s neo-socialist hope and change. Read the rest of this entry »

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Media Metters for Propaganda

Selwyn Duke at American Thinker highlights the latest efforts of Media Matters to smear conservatives at any opportunity:

In a piece published Monday, self-proclaimed media watcher MediaMatters (MM) criticizes Fox News for runningthe supposedly “misleading headline”: “Cambridge, MA set to Pay Gay Employees More Than Straight.”  MediaMatters takes issue with Fox because the headline doesn’t explain that the reason for the measure is to compensate homosexuals for a tax that married couples don’t have to pay. Read the rest of this entry »

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Back on the Air …?

Hello, is this thing on?

I’m in an interesting place right now, working 50 hours a week and with little free time. But I’m also working nights, so a day off means a nightime of reading online material. So, I think I’m going to give some attention to this blog again.

I don’t anticipate a large amount of content — probably only a post or two a day, and maybe pre-written and scheduled posts at that. But I’ve been feeling the itch, so I’m going to give it a whirl.

For anyone who’s been checking, I have been regularly posting links to articles of interest at my Facebook page, and I will continue to do so for items I’m not blogging on. We’ll just see where it goes from here …

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