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Ireland to Reconsider Blasphemy Ban in Constitution

For my friends on the left who are convinced that the United States is some sort of draconian theocracy, consider the fact that the progressive, liberal nation of Ireland still has a blasphemy clause in its constitution.

Fortunately, it looks like Ireland is considering catching up with the innovations that the US implemented in the 18th Century. From Religion Clause:

Ireland’s Justice Minister announced Sunday that the country will hold a referendum this fall on removing a blasphemy ban from the Constitution. Yesterday’s London Guardian reports that the advocacy group Atheist Ireland particularly welcomed the announcement. When Ireland’s new more lenient blasphemy law took effect in January, the group responded by publishing on its website 25 blasphemous statements from famous figures in history. (See prior posting.) Currently Ireland’s Constitution (Sec. 40) requires that the country have a blasphemy law.

It’s always nice to think that other nations are catching on to the niceties of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.


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