Tea Party Battle Plan

Tom Robertson at the American Thinker has some suggestions for how the Tea Party might apply its efforts to accomplish its goals:

Now that the midterm elections are over, Tea Party energy is at risk of dissipating due to the lack of a pressing goal to work towards. If the Tea Partiers are going to become a long-term, serious force, they must be willing to tackle serious problems without an immediate payoff like an election, else they risk going home and becoming a flash in the pan. This is exactly what the establishment hopes will happen.


Tea Party patriots are demanding that the Republican Party present a clear distinction from the Democrats’ progressive liberal agenda instead of accepting it as a fait accompli and seeking to merely slow down its implementation. The RINO establishment resemble the Chinese autocrats in the sense that they don’t appear to believe in the platform anymore but instead are interested only in retaining power.
Takeovers of the parties will serve the same function as Republican victories in the state legislatures by providing a consolidated base from which to conduct future operations and insure that Tea Party-backed candidates like Christine O’Donnell get the support they need to be competitive. It’s one thing to lose because voters reject your ideas or your inability to effectively articulate them, but it’s another to have to fight both sides in an uphill struggle.
However, we must be ever-mindful of the temptation to acquire power for power’s sake, and of the establishment’s efforts to co-opt us with offers of power, prestige, and other fickle inducements. These are exactly the things that got us in this mess to begin with.
The real challenge is just beginning, in that the candidates that have been elected with Tea Party support must be kept accountable for their actions and policy decisions, so that we do not end up with another free-spending, pseudo-conservative Republican Party that ends up being just as bad as the Democrats.


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