Spending Cuts

Now that the GOP has some significant influence in Congress, suggestions are coming out as to what spending cuts can be made. Chris Edwards at the Cato Institute, for one, has a list of budget proposals that involve significant spending reductions:

Newcomers to Congress can find a wealth of budget-cutting ideas in recent plans by various D.C. think tanks:

Cato’s website, www.downsizinggovernment.org, also provides a treasure trove of spending cuts, and I will be publishing a detailed budget-reform plan in coming days.

Some of the above budget plans include tax increases, but voters gave a resounding message yesterday that they want Congress to focus on cutting spending, not raising taxes.

Chris Preble at Cato and Peter Suderman at Reason also suggest an area of the budget ripe for cuts: defense spending. While the defense budget is often regarded as off-limits, I can see some compelling reasons for trimming it as well as everything else.




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