Wanting Ivan’s Goat to Die

John Hawkins at Right Wing News links to a nice little parable that illustrates the motivating mindset behind much of Leftist ideology. Read it, and remember that the left-wing agenda is not to provide people with opportunity to achieve and succeed, but to punish the successful so that everyone can suffer equally.

And so, the story of Ivan’s Goat:

Back in the Czarist days of Russia, when serfs tended their poor, miserable potato crops, there were two farmers, Boris and Ivan, who were neighbors. Both lived in abject poverty, dwelling with their families in squalid shanties.

One day while he was in the field, Ivan discovered a magic lamp and, after rubbing it, was greeted by a genie who offered him one wish for anything his heart desired. Ivan was a simple but good man and asked for a goat so that he could have milk for his family. His wish was granted: a beautiful nanny goat suddenly appeared, her belly full of milk.

Ivan joyfully brought the goat home and celebrated the gift with his family. Boris spotted the goat and Ivan’s happy family and his heart was filled with bitter envy over his neighbor’s good fortune. To his surprise, Ivan visited him the next day and gave him the lamp as a gift.

After Ivan departed, Boris took the lamp inside his hovel and rubbed it carefully. The genie appeared and offered him a single wish for his heart’s desire.

“Anything you want,” said the genie, “be it gold, jewels or a herd of goats – I will give it to you at once.”

Boris didn’t even pause to think. He narrowed his eyes at the genie and responded, “I want that Ivan’s goat should die.”


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  1. #1 by karmadillo on Mon 01 Nov 2010 - 22:33

    You are so wrong about this. The leftist, progressive ideology is about being a community and caring for the group, not punishing people who are “successful.” Why is success equated with obtaining money and possessions anyway?

    Don’t confuse democrats and leftists. If you look closely, you will see that both democrats and republicans are beholden to corporations, not people.

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Sun 14 Nov 2010 - 22:48

      If progressivism is about community, then why does progressive thought so often ignore the wishes of members of a community in imposing its policies? Communities are not “made” from the top down by “enlightened” people, but grow organically from free interactions. How caring is it to force people to contribute to “charitable” programs they don’t want to? How does the group benefit if progressive polices, say, collapse the economy and bring unemployment over 10%?

      And your nonsense about corporations controlling everyone is just that: nonsense. Left wing policies tolerate corporations that endorse them, and reward them with monopolies and reduced competition. And if they don’t toe in line, the government takes them over. It is the government that holds the power, because the government is the only organization that can use force to enact its policies. And it is unjust to use that power to impose a social agenda, not matter how good your intentions might seem. Like all other Socialists, Hitler also thought what he did was for the greater good.

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