Aristocratic Dietary Restrictions

Nicole Russell at the American Spectator makes a great point about the Obamas’  constant admonitions that Americans need the Federal Government to help them eat better, while nonchalantly breaking their own rules.

When President Obama indulges in fast food while traveling he exhorts interested onlookers: “Don’t tell Michelle.” The fit First Lady is, of course, an advocate of healthy foods and outspoken about childhood obesity. She had her own “Don’t tell Barack” moment recently, when she stopped at a diner in Milwaukee and had classic greasy fare: a burger and fries. Mrs. Obama’s meal really wouldn’t be anyone else’s business were it not for her own aspiration to rewrite the nation’s menus.

Michelle can eat whatever the hell she wants to, and anyone who tries to make this an issue of criticizing the First lady for her diet is missing the point entirely. The point is that she is attempting to prevent us from eating whatever we want to — on the basis that we don’t understand how bad it is — while reserving her right to eat what she wants.

This is not the act of an American First Lady. It is the act of a hypocritical aristocrat who believes she is entitled to live by a different set of rules than everyone else, because she’s better than them.

Mrs. Obama fails to practice what she preaches. A quick look at the menus at White House state dinners she attends provides a study in caloric intake, despite her pleas for a more nutrition-conscious nation. Huckleberry cobbler is a family favorite and she recently admitted she is a French fry lover and her kids devour macaroni and cheese. Do as I say, not as I do.

And to be clear, this isn’t just a case of hypocrisy, of someone advising one thing and practicing another. This is someone advocating employing the force of law to enact her views, and then exempting herself from them.

A commenter on the thread sums it up nicely:

What Mrs. O and you [another commenter] choose to eat is your business.

My problem with the O family and by inference of your comments, is your and their belief, that they/you have any right to tell me what I may or may not eat. The elitism drips from her comments and yours as it is one more area where you believe you/they are superior to the unwashed masses.


Want to influence others open a gym, write a cook book. If people are interested they will listen and follow. Stay the hell out of other people’s personal business. Government, federal, state, and local, has no business what so ever being involved in the personal eating habits of any of its citizens. I don’t need to be protected from the evil fat purveying restaurant owners. I am capable of making my own choices thank you and am will suffer or enjoy the consequences of those choices. Which is as it should be for everyone in a free society …

People here are not foaming at the mouth, nor are they for the most part angry. We just believe that individuals are responsible for their own actions and choices. We are content to live with the results of those choices and want a government that operates within it’s clearly documents limits.


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