Leftist Academics Analyze the Tea Party

So a bunch of Leftist elitists academics held a “conference” in order to analyze the Tea Party movement in order to confirm their accusations of racism better understand the movement as a social phenomenon. Dave Weigel at Slate presented the happenings at this elitist echo chamber conference, and John Hawkings at Right Wing News promptly fisked it to death.

Of course, the “experts” deduced that the Tea Party is popular because it appeals to right-wing anger and racism.

Have you ever noticed that liberals are always going on about “conservative anger” and “fears” even though they seem to spend much of their time in a state of hysteria? Have you ever seen people as perpetually outraged as liberals? And fear? These are people who believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that their opponents are the equivalent of Nazis, fascists, and the KKK. This sort of thing is why, whenever you hear liberals talk, you get the feeling that you’re talking to people who are either extraordinarily dishonest or completely self-unaware.

Self-unaware? People who hold a political ideology that requires a rejection of actual real-world results in favor of politically expected outcomes?

Might I suggest an alternative answer to this conundrum that liberals seem to find themselves in? Here we have Barack Obama implementing the socialist agenda of their dreams and yet, they’re unhappy. How can that be? Might I suggest that it’s because they have lied to themselves about the popularity of their agenda. The liberal base has spent years, despite all the evidence to the contrary, convincing themselves that Americans want their agenda. Liberal politicians know better. That’s why they incessantly lie about what they want to do. But, to the academics and Kossacks of the world, that’s foolish. If the American people legitimately had a chance to embrace socialism, they’d do it! So, Barack Obama has given the American people that opportunity and it has produced a massive backlash. So, how do liberals deal with this? They have to create a fiction: Obama isn’t really implementing their agenda. If he was, people would love it! That’s much, much easier than admitting the truth: People don’t want what they’re selling. It’s a lot easier to point the finger at Obama than to challenge their whole belief system.

Because if only the people fully understood how smart these leftist experts were, and how great this socialism thing looks on paper, they’d buy it! Maybe they should explain it again, only slower …

Read the whole thing here.


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