Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: UK Bans Smell of Cooking Bacon

Here’s some more about the nonsensical socialist nanny-state utopia that is Great Britain: a cafe owner has been ordered to remove an exhaust fan because neighborhood Muslims claimed they were offended by the smell of cooking bacon.

A hard-working cafe owner has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan – because the smell of her frying bacon ‘offends’ Muslims.

Planning bosses acted against Beverley Akciecek, 49, after being told her next-door neighbour’s Muslim friends had felt ‘physically sick’ due to the ‘foul odour’.


Mrs Akciecek said: ‘We’ve never had a problem about the smell because everything is pre-cooked. We cook it in the oven so there’s no foul smell.

‘It’s pre-cooked so the smell isn’t as strong when we’re frying it off. It’s like living next to someone who’s cooking a Sunday breakfast but it’s not constant it’s just in the morning.’


‘This cafe is our only source of income. There are only two of us working, we haven’t got any staff anymore. We work seven hours in the shop and my husband goes to the cash and carry and has all the prep work to do. We’re working long hours. He does about 50 hours a week easy and I’m working about the same and we work Saturdays.

‘The shop will be a lot harder work. It will be a good hour a day washing the walls down, I will not work anywhere with the grease falling down the walls. We can’t move it anywhere.

‘I’m not going to accept it and we’re going to fight it.’

Mr Webb-Lee said: ‘The vent is 12 inches from my front door. Every morning the smell of bacon comes through and makes me physically sick.

‘I have a lot of Muslim friends. They refuse to visit me anymore because they can’t stand the smell of bacon.’

Hey, I’m all for freedom of religion. It’s one of those very important things that I rely upon on a daily basis. But this is just ridiculous. In honor of the great gods of Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and Inoffensiveness, this shop is forced to do without basic equipment that will make their jobs much more difficult. (I’m trying to think, and I’m not even sure if such a restaurant can legally function in Kansas without an extractor fan. This is abject lunacy.)

But someone was offended, and that person is a member of a politically protected group. (Don’t offend any Muslims! Cooking bacon is Islamophobic!) And in the UK, that is apparently what is important.

Hat tip to Van Helsing at Moonbattery.



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