Obama Gets the Book Thrown at Him

Look at timestamp 4:38 for the action:

Just a few thoughts:

1) Where is the media coverage of this? When Bush had a shoe thrown at him, it was all over the MSM, ostensibly shown as proof of Bush’s unpopularity. Is the MSM so desperate to avoid revealing how unpopular Obama is right now? They’re even missing the opportunity to blame it on racism or the Tea Party!

2) Bush had a shoe tossed at him in a foreign country, by a foreign national. This happened in Philadelphia, not exactly known for its strong conservatism.

3) I wonder what book it was.

4) When Bush was assailed with a shoe, he saw it coming, and reacted quickly. He dodged it like he was moving in bullet time. Obama was oblivious to the whole thing.

5) I wonder if this will spawn video games where you throw books at Obama, like the games that popped up where you could throw shoes at Bush? Naw, that’d be racist!

Hat Tip: Left Coast Rebel


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