Happy Columbus Day!

In my hometown, every year on Columbus Day communist propagandists activists from Haskell University have an anti-Christopher Columbus parade down the main drag. In the latest efforts by the Left to smear American history, Columbus has been depicted as an evil, greedy, despicable man who is personally responsible for genocide on a massive scale. Since America wouldn’t exists without the explorations of this man, he is reviled by the left as it desperately tries to portray him as the embodiment of evil.

Now, Columbus wasn’t a perfect man. He apparently had a history of drinking and gambling. Yes, he was a bit of an imperialist, but who wasn’t in 1492? But he was nowhere near as horrible as the Left portrays him. (Note the author of this piece — it should come as no surprise that Columbus is portrayed as a Nazi, and that the allusions and most of the history presented here are nonsense.)

Anthony Hager at American Thinker takes the time to dismiss another fantasy of the Left’s view of Columbus: the idea that the America were a romantic, peaceful paradise before the evil Europeans came along:

Some European explorers were brutal, and the Taino Arawak tribe suffered at Spanish hands. But to lay all violence at the feet of Columbus ignores the New World brutality that existed before his arrival.

The Taino were rather passive. But the Caribs were a fierce people who abused the Tainos and took their lands before Columbus arrived. The Caribs made wives of captured Taino women (slavery, anyone?), fashioned necklaces from their vanquished enemy’s teeth and may have practiced cannibalism.
The Caribs may have decimated the Ciboneys who once inhabited the Caribbean. The Ciboneys descended from a prior culture that was all but exterminated by yet another people. And if the Caribs themselves weren’t cannibals, the Tupinamba Indians were. Finally, these tribes were indigenous Caribbean Indians; they migrated from the mainland. Thus the peaceful natives Columbus assaulted were neither peaceful nor native, but warrior explorers and conquerors.
Each person must render an individual judgment on history. Make what you will of Columbus and his successors. But remember that many civilizations originated in other places and expanded their holdings and influence through force. Mankind has explored, fought, conquered, settled and lost throughout world history. That reality isn’t going to change just to suit the unrealistic notions of Utopian fantasists.
And the real point of the Columbus story:
Christopher Columbus is neither as pure nor as despicable as he is portrayed. He was human, a walking paradox whose life was filled with flaw and virtue, success and failure. He accomplished more than he knew while never quite realizing his dreams. Why not celebrate Christopher Columbus’ courage and contributions while learning from his faults and failures?
The left always seems to have issues with this idea: that people with everyday problems and deficiencies can still accomplish great things. It’s pretty ironic, too, considering the way they idolize Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton …
But the real issue isn’t that one person led something great, despite his flaws. It’s that he paved the way for something greater: a country founded upon notions of liberty and individual excellent, concepts anathema to the Left.
Myths surround Christopher Columbus. No, he wasn’t trying to prove the world was round — the ancient Egyptians knew that. No, he didn’t even think he was in India: he was well aware of how large the world was, knew there was a land mass where America was, and had brought glass beads and trinkets for trading — hardly the currency he would need for trading with sophisticated India.
He was also kind of a nut. He believed that the land mass he was to encounter was Eden, and since it was closer to God that it was actually higher than the rest of the world, envisioning a pear-shaped globe rather than a round one. But everyone has their eccentricities, I suppose.
The point of my rambling is this: There has been a history of imperialistic abuse in the Americas. Placing them personally at the feet of Christopher Columbus is abject nonsense, and nothing more than a cheap effort to discredit intrepid enterprise and a hero to American history. If Columbus can be discredited, then the country that was founded as a result of his voyage can also be discredited, and that is what the Left really wants.
PS: It is interesting to note, however, that the Leftists who blame Columbus for every bad thing in history that has happened since, don’t seem to want to blame Karl Marx for the murder of hundreds of millions of people (in the twentieth century alone!) as a direct result of his flawed and intellectually dishonest theory. It’s also interesting to note that none of the Leftists decrying the European colonization of America seem to resent it so much that they’ll leave and head back to Europe. For people who see oppression and genocide everywhere in America, they sure do seem to like it here! None of them seem willing to risk their lives on a raft to make it to the Communist Paradise of Cuba …


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