Oh, the Horror!

Democrats have been up in arms over Christine O’Donnell’s statement that as a teen, she dabbled in witchcraft. Apparently, such an admission makes her some kind of whackjob, and obviously unfit to run for a political office. This condemnation, of course, belies the claim that Democrats are tolerant of divergent religious views, similar to how their sexist criticism of strong conservative women belies their claim to feminism. Oddly enough, the generally left-leaning Wiccan crowd is angry at O’Donnell for her admission as well, apparently because admitting that you watched the Craft and hung out with Goth kids in high school to impress a boy you liked is somehow an affront to Wicca.

The big issue here is that there is not issue, but the Dems and the MSM are trying desperately to convince everyone there is. So what if O’Donnell dabbled in witchcraft? She could have been a Scientologist for all I care. What are her positions now? How has she stood by them and lived up to them? And are those positions what the American people want? The MSM doesn’t want you to realize that they are, so the smears fly.

But this is really just a buildup to a great punchline courtesy of Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News, who asks which is worse, dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager, or the dabbling in adultery, perjury, and graft committed by President Clinton, or the dabbling in drunk driving and manslaughter by Ted Kennedy? See your double standard yet?



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  1. #1 by jonolan on Tue 12 Oct 2010 - 16:11

    Only some, a minority and not the “movers and shakers,” of the Pagan community are angry at O’Donnell for her admission as well. Most took it as a useful teaching moment to draw the distinction between Paganism and Satanism. We were, however, angered by the MSM’s treatment of it and the Left’s mockery of it.

    There may be some more Pagan votes for the GOP over this since they didn’t seem to be the ones demanding her clarification. 😉

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