Obama Not “Pack Leader”

This was too rich to pass up on:

More evidence that Obama is a pushover is now being provided from an unlikely source — the first family’s dog “Bo.” Recently, dog expert Cesar Millan of the “Dog Whisperer” TV show observed that Obama has failed to assert himself as a “pack leader” with Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog. Millan pointed out that when Obama walks Bo on a leash, it’s obvious that Bo is in charge because the dog walks in front of the president and leads him along. In other words, Bo is taking Obama for a walk – not the other way around.
The Brits are having fun with this, too.
Milan did his best to try to pull his punch with the following:
“When I watch President Obama speak, it’s clear that calm, assertive energy is something that comes naturally to him,” Millan, whose National Geographic Channel series enters its fifth season this fall, tells PEOPLE Pets. “But often men and women who are leaders in the workplace don’t apply this ‘pack leader’ frame of mind with their dogs. That’s how problems develop.”
But Milan deal with dogs, not politicians, and he’s missing something very important: Obama only displays calm, assertive behavior in carefully controlled, managed, and pre-planned environments. When left to his own devices, and outside of his comfort zone, he displays behavior more in line with the kind of aggression Milan warns about.
I hope he’s had his rabies vaccination.

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