Feminism and Identity Politics

One of the biggest hallmarks of Left-wing ideology is its utter contempt for individuality.  A good leftist knows that people belong to the state, not themselves, and are only relevant if they can be assigned to a group identity. Ironically, most leftists don’t see anything wrong with insisting that people must belong to specific groups and that everyone in that group must act and think the same, while at the same time demonizing their opponents as racists and sexists.

With the recent rise of strong conservative women, the Left has gone apoplectic with its hypocritical efforts to smear conservative women as not being “real women” because they don’t follow a leftist agenda. (This tactic is also used against blacks and homosexuals: if you hold conservative values then you are not authentic or are a traitor.)

Lori Ziganto has long documented the blatant sexism that the left relies upon to demonize conservative women (and the frequent passes such examples get from so-called women’s groups on the left). In a recent post at Right Wing News, the lovely Ziganto tears into this leftist hypocrisy and wonders how they can get away with it so easily:

Last week, I attended the Smart Girl Summit in Washington, D.C.  The conference was filled with women of strength, of brains, of beauty and of fierce resolve.  Women from all walks of life who came together, fighting and trying to do what is best for their children and this country.  But, I was struck by something else; to the Left, these women are either whores or some creepy new invention of faux women, worthy of only mocking and ridicule.

Many told of times where they had been, like I have, called “gender traitors” or not real women. I’ve been called a dumb tart, just a rack, and told “I have better meat for her mouth.” I’ve been accused of being a wholly owned subsidiary of male dominated culture, whatever that means. We dumb tarts can’t seem to figure out things like that.

Every woman I met laughed such things off. That part didn’t shock me. See, we don’t relish victim-hood. We are also secure and comfortable in our own skins, breasts and fancy wombs and all. But, another reason it is laughed off did bother me. Because we are “used to it.”  The thing is, we shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be happening. Yet, it does. Over and over.

Read the whole thing.


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