The Week in Eugenics

Zombie has this disturbing piece on the continued popularity of eugenics.

Isn’t that a discredited pseudoscience from centuries past, like phrenology?

Well, yes, but eugenics never went away. Despite reaching its bloody culmination in the Nazi era, eugenics is still seductive as a concept to many people, and eugenics-based proposals still crop up in popular culture distressingly often, frequently by people who don’t even realize the historical implications of what they’re suggesting.

Over the last several days I’ve noticed an alarming upswing in eugenics-related incidents and current events, even though none of them were identified as such. And so, to rectify this oversight by the Meme Lords, I present — This Week in Eugenics!

(Note: For the purposes of this article, I’m using the most inclusive definition of the term “eugenics,” covering not just social programs designed to “improve genetic stock,” but also many notions closely related to and derived from eugenics, such as involuntary euthanasia, ethnic cleansing, suppressing birthrates among unwanted groups, mass rape, forced abortions, and killing your opponents en masse as a way of eradicating them from the gene pool.)

Some wonderful highlights include the recent 10:10 enviro-nut video that depicts the brutal murder of those skeptical of climate alarmism, China’s continued one-child policy, which claims to be aimed at population control but is more likely an attempt to destroy the family connections that sustained traditional Chinese culture, a call from the Black Panthers to kill white babies, and efforts to keep poor people from reproducing that would have made Margaret Sanger proud.

The surprising detail is that right-wing firebrand Michael Savage is among those advocating mandatory birth-control for women on welfare. What isn’t surprising is that all of these other examples come from the left, which has always advocated eugenics and executions as a means to advance “progress.” The Left, of course, won’t tell you that, and will try to pretend that their left-wing Nazi brethren were actually right-wing, but history and their policies over the years don’t lie.


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