Progressive Feudalism

Since I read the Communist Manifesto, I have been trying to decide just what differentiates Socialism from feudalism. Aside from justifying rule based on Divine Right, I haven’t been able to come up with much of significance. Socialism supports an elite aristocracy and relegates the masses to submit to and support that aristocracy, and aside from the rhetoric of freeing the masses from wage slavery and the imposition of absurdly and obviously flawed economic models, erroneous assumptions about human nature, and the need to lie constantly about what is actually being implemented, I cannot see any real difference between a socialism society and a feudal one.

Finally, I’m not alone, and Thomas Lifson at American Thinker supports this idea much more thoroughly than I ever have:

The changes wrought on the American political economy by progressives have taken us in the unmistakable direction of feudalism. The morphological resemblance between the progressive version of America and the historic feudal regimes of Western Europe and Japan is obvious if one takes a few moments to consider the changes in the proper context.

Read the whole thing.


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