How Dare You?

Robert Stacy McCain has a fantastic article on the way that the Left uses mock outrage to stop any critical debate or analysis on its positions:

That every critic of liberalism is automatically suspected of being a GOP stooge is a natural byproduct of the “How Dare You?” response that liberals direct toward their critics. If they can accuse you of nothing else — racism, sexism, homophobia, creationism, teenage witchcraft — at least liberals will try to paint you as a partisan, and demand that you account for every malfeasance ever committed by Republicans.

Yet the conservative who tries to turn the tables on that argument — demanding that liberals explain, for example, how Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy could make “waitress sandwiches” and still retain the unstinting support of feminists — will again run head-on into the familiar reply: How dare you?

This insistence that we may never question the good faith of Democrats and their liberal allies, who simultaneously proclaim every day that their conservative Republican foes are acting on vicious motives, ought to arouse profound suspicion in intelligent minds.

Read the whole thing here.

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