Feel-Good Fatties

Kerrie at the Liberal Heretic (no relation) has an observation about the obesity epidemic:

In an honest post on Facebook, my partner Sharon pointed out that the generation of I’m Special, has caused a severe epidemic here in America.

We’re fat, ladies.

Not just a little bit. We aren’t thick, big and beautiful, or “curvy”. We’re huge.

What most amazes me, perhaps because of my age, is how people who’re morbidly obese still manage to have an incredibly high self esteem. The reason I say this, is because when I was a child, being fat wasn’t an acceptable state in which to be. It was seen as a lack of self control, or laziness.

Now I’m not saying people aren’t genetically predisposed to obesity, and there are certainly medical conditions that exacerbate the problem. But most of us are fat because we’re more sedentary, we eat crappy food, and we have this new PC form of acceptance for obesity. Such as the titles above.

This is a major failing of Leftist ideology, and serves to demonstrate the inconsistency rampant on the Left. n one hand, we are bombarded with warnings about the obesity epidemic and told that he government is the only solution to this problem. On the other hand, we are told that grossly obese people are “just people too,” and that they shouldn’t be judged, ridiculed, singled out, told they are anything but perfect, or charged extra for the fact that their fat asses take up three seats on an airplane.

When Sharon made these points, as well as the point that obesity drives up health insurance premiums for us all, a woman who shall remain nameless, claimed as a size twelve she wasn’t fat or unhealthy. She then proceeded to call Sharon a “skinny bitch who needs to eat a donut.” This woman then continued this conversation on her own wall, where again, she kept the personal insults going.

Insult the skinny girl. Sure, it will make you feel better. Because you’re special. And perfect. And worth it. Your second-grade teacher told you so. And don’t worry about the fact that you had your first heart attack at 35 and need a knee replacement — I’m sure Obamacare will cover it.

Look, I’m not skinny myself. I drink too much, I will never pass on a chance for cheesecake, and I haven’t been to a gym in years. But I acknowledge that this is my own choice, and I accept the consequences. My weight and health are my responsibility. I’m also aware that while being slightly overweight is okay for the most part, at a certain point it becomes a health risk, as well as a major social complication. While I don’t obsess over reaching that target weight, if I pass a certain point I will reduce my portion size and start working out. And it’s worked: While at one time I was creeping up on 200 pounds (I’m 5’7″), I haven’t been over 175 for some time.

The point is weight is a matter of personal responsibility. Artificially inflating the self-esteem of people so they think their excessive wight is fine doesn’t help anybody, and is just as detrimental to women as telling them that they’re not skinny enough. Obese people should feel self-conscious about their weight, and that should motivate them to do something about it.


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