O’Sulivan’s Law

Andrew Klavan comments on the cancellation of NBC’s long-standing powerhouse Law and Order, and credits a trend in the flavor in the show toward increasingly far-left ideology in the story lines.

O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.  The law is named after British journalist John O’Sullivan, who cites as proof the ACLU, the Ford Foundation and the Episcopal Church.

He could have cited Law & Order too, NBC’s long running arrest-and-trial television show that has just been canceled after 21 years on the air.  Many may not remember, but when the show began, it was not only excellent, it was also, if not conservative, at least complex in its worldview.


Why does that happen?  Why did the same process overtake 24 as it is now undermining House and as it ultimately seems to destroy any show with half an ounce of conservative realism to it?  Why does TV specifically seem a veritable laboratory of O’Sullivan’s Law in action?

Klavan presents some interesting ideas for why left-wing ideology tends to permeate television, and how this eventually causes the shows themselves to decline. Read the whole thing here.


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