The Soviet Archives

Crusader Rabbit makes a brief point about the history of the Soviet Union and its archives, and the fact that while the atrocities of the so-called right-wing Nazi Party (because right-wingers are all about implementing socialist policies like the Nazis were) are widely publicized, the atrocities of the Communist Soviet Union are largely ignored.

[T]he modern left- who prefer now the label “progressives”- are the direct inheritors of the mindset responsible for the carnage and misery caused by communism.
Oh sure, it’s been given a poodle clip and been well deodorised by its media and political handlers, but it’s the same ravening beast it always was, rehabilitated to the point where anyone using the word “communist” is derided as a throwback.

The same holds true for the atrocities of other hard communist nations like North Korea, China, and Cuba. Socialism in its various forms has resulted in more deaths than any other force in history, and that fact is widely ignored by a progressive movement that not only is unconcerned with the human cost of such ideologies, but often seeks to duplicate such policies, assured that they will work properly if only they tweak them a bit and try again.


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