The Food Police

Jonolan at Reflection from a Murky Pond relays the latest in nanny-state stupidity: a 10-year-old given detention for a week for possession of a Jolly-Rancher.

A third-grader at Brazos Elementary was given a week’s detention for possessing a Jolly Rancher.

School officials in Brazos County are defending the seemingly harsh sentence. The school’s principal and superintendent said they were simply complying with a state law that limits junk food in schools.


Jack Ellis, the superintendent for Brazos Independent School District, declined an on-camera interview. But he said the school was abiding by a state guideline that banned “minimal nutrition” foods.

Quips Jonolan:

So the Food Police at Brazos Elementary gave the ten year-old Leighann Adair a week’s detention for “possession of minimal nutrition food.” One has to wonder if the student who gave her the Jolly Rancher got worse due to harsher sentencing for “possession with intent to distribute” and if young Ms. Adair could have gotten a lighter sentence by identifying her “dealer” to the authorities.

The soft tyranny of the nanny state becomes ever more invasive. but it’s all for your own good, so just trust us, shut up, and do as your told, eh?



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