More Joys of Socialized Medicine

From the wondrous, miraculous, and highly efficient UK socialized health care system, we are brought the case of an elderly woman who was taken of the waiting list for an operation because she dared to consult a private physician.

From the Daily Mail:

A woman with crippling back pain who has been waiting months for an operation was removed from the NHS waiting list because she had a private consultation.

Breast cancer survivor Jenny Whitehead was told by her NHS trust in December last year that she would have to wait five months before she could see an orthopaedic surgeon after a scan revealed a cyst on her spine.

Having suffered back pain since 2008 and unable to face months of waiting in pain, she decided to pay £250 for a private session with the same doctor the following week.

He assured the 64-year- old retired museum assistant that he would add her to his NHS waiting list for an operation to have the growth removed.

But she was shocked when Bradford and Airedale NHS Trust told her she had been taken off the waiting list because her private consultation disqualified her from any further NHS treatment under that referral.

With service like that, I am shocked and amazed and astounded that we haven’t completely and unquestioningly adopted that system over here. (Yes, that was pure snark.)

Hat tip: Van Helsing at Moonbattery.


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