Joe Klein: Opposing Obama Is Sedition

Times editor Joe Klein has stated that opposing the Obama Administration is racist, and referring to the Administration as the “Obama Regime” (like the left did for 8 years with Bush) amounts to sedition. No, we’re not trying to stifle the free speech of our political opponents at all, are we, comrade?

Counterculture Conservative comments and has video (Which he is somehow able to embed, but I am not. Halp! Well, follow the link then and watch the video.)

Remember the good old days when dissent was patriotic?  Seems like a lifetime ago.  Today, Time magazine’s Joe Klein, says opposition to the Obama Administration is racist and using the term “Obama regime” is next to SEDITION against the state.  Chris Matthews and guest John Heilemann don’t break out into a fit of gut-busting derisive laughter, but instead nod like bobbleheads in agreement.


There’s no question that today’s political climate is toxic, but you can make a pretty good case that it’s a piker compared to what George W. Bush had to endure.  Go to Bing and do a word search for “Bush regime” = 21,300,000 results.  Then do the same with “Obama regime” = 284,000.  Now do the math.  Based on this, President Obama would literally have to serve as president for 100 years before the current derangement levels approached that of the Bush years.

So once again, we have the left decrying some action by the right as deplorable, despicable, and even criminal, even though it was perfectly fine when they were doing if for years, and even though very, very few on the right are actually doing it, especially compared to the pervasiveness of it on the left. Par for the course.


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  1. #1 by ThomPaine on Fri 23 Apr 2010 - 22:29

    Looks like he embedded the video using VodPod ( It’s how I embedded a Hulu video (at Hope that helps.

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