The Future of the GOP, as Fantasized by the Left

Smitty at the Other McCain takes a look at a political analysis from Salon, and finds it lulzworthy. Smitty presents a 16-point analysis of the analysis, and gives us a brief summary:

The rebuttal is that the American people are awakening to the devastation caused by a century of Progressivism. There are some broken tools akin to Dole and McCain that are more part of the problem than the solution, but the awareness brought on by blogs, and the energy demonstrated at Tea Parties everywhere cannot be repressed. Is BHO not already the most protested POTUS ever? Should he not hold that dubious honor, he shall by 2012.

Counter-analysis: the 2010 election buys We The People a chance, but only a chance, to set the country on a course for recovery. The Tea Parties et al. continue their pressure and whoever wins in 2012 comes in with a mandate to begin the process of unwinding a century of debt, centralization, and diminished liberty. And the efforts of the Founding Fathers shall not have been in vain.

Read the whole thing here.


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