Clinton’s Legacy

Lori at Snark and Boobs has a commentary on the so called “Lewinsky Effect,” whereby children who grew up when Clinton was president are less likely to consider oral sex to be a sexual act. Citing a recent report at CNS News, Lori is rather upset not only about the fact that so many young people are casually dismissive about such an intimate act, but that girls are less likely to consider it “real sex” than boys are.

Heck of a job, Bubba! Thanks a bunch, creep. It’s bad enough when the left redefines words, now they are redefining acts. And passing it on to our children.

What’s worse, if you read the entire article, it is the females who are more likely to not consider it sex. More males considered all aspects a part of actual sex; perhaps because it increases their bragging rights? Likely so. But, perhaps also because they aren’t actively encouraged by Feminists to empower themselves via their bodies and sexual acts, thus making the acts themselves almost meaningless.


I explained this attitude, whereby they damage young women with delusional ideas of  “sexual empowerment” in my article “Feminists Mute on Slut TV, Yet We Have Them To Thank For It.” The same applies to this situation. They take actual pride in promiscuous behavior and they believe that women are “empowered” by being sex machines on television shows where the camera men need to wear hazmat suits, the house furniture needs to be covered in plastic and you need a prescription for Valtrex upon completion of your stint there.


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  1. #1 by jonolan on Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 08:10

    Solely on the point of the feminists and “sexual empowerment” – that is a mantra espoused by only some of the Feminists, in particular the subgroup known as “sex-positive feminists.” There a many, many other feminists, the “sex-negative feminists,” who do not believe that there is – or at least that it’s rare – consensual sex between men and women. They especially don’t like fellatio.

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