Diversity vs Free Speech in Canada

Counterculture Conservative has a nice little clip in which Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviews a feminist journalist from Canada regarding the Ann Coulter lecture that was canceled because leftists threatened to riot is Coulter was actually allowed to speak her opinions in an open forum. Her main argument is that Canada values diversity over free speech. Does that attitude make anyone else nervous? Because that’s the attitude of the left in America as well.

Counterculture Conservative comments:

The feminist claims they have “vital and vibrant dialogue” in Canada.

Right, tell that to all the people they’ve arrested and brought up on charges for “hate speech.” Basic rule: the more entrenched the Power, the less devoted to freedom of speech it is.  That’s why as Megyn Kelly points out, hate speech laws are only enforced against conservatives.  When Leftwing loons say incendiary things everybody yawns.  Nevertheless, because our freedom of speech is enshrined in the First Amendment (unlike most democracies) America is still the freest country on Earth.

It always amazed me that leftists can argue for diversity, yet never allow for diversity of opinion. What’s the point of racial and ethnic diversity of everyone thinks exactly the same? Why is it that diversity if so often used to enforce conformity?

The liberal position is essentially this: When you can’t make your points rationally, and the facts and evidence are against your position, the only way to push your agenda is to suppress dissenting opinions. And enforcing “diversity” and limiting “offensive” speech is the favored means of doing so.


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  1. #1 by iusbvision on Sun 11 Apr 2010 - 23:00

    Where was “susan” when those same students staged the “Israeli Apartheid Week” where they had a week long protest and events with vile examples of antisemitism? Antisemitism is fashionable among the radical left especially on campus so Megyn Kelly was spot on about their “selective outrage”.

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