Crashing the Tea Party Crashers

As I mentioned earlier, Left Coast Rebel (and quite a few other conservative sources) has been bringing attention to the latest liberal effort to discredit the Tea Party: a website called Crash the Tea Party, which encourages visitors to infiltrate Tea Parties and disrupt them. Left Coast Rebel was calling for intrepid bloggers to infiltrate this site and see what was going on. As it turns out, not much.

The site had been publicized by Sean Hannity and other conservatives, and by far the majority of the posts on the forum were from conservative trolls. Not really conducive to infiltrating the site to deduce their infiltration plans, but some of it was lulzworthy. Some of the early posts were useful, but the site operators are quite on to us now.

The site seems to be run by someone who calls himself Mad Hatter. (I’ll give props — that’s actually pretty creative regarding the whole Tea Party theme.) Another frequent poster calls himself  enhancelogic (lolwut?). These two seem to be the most constructive organizers of the website. Their suggestions and their mindset are … interesting.

So, I have some screenshots.

Crash and Slander

Here are some of the initial comments and posts in the stated goals and purpose of the site, and how they want to achieve it.

Mad Hatter announces his insidious scheme. The real disturbing part is the effort to collect personal data.

Note the genious and creativity in these datardly plots. I love the response he gets.

Best they can think of: shout racial slurs. I guess racial slurs aren't offensive when used in the name of socialist causes. It does illutrate the fact that such sentiments are not inherent in the Tea Party movement -- they have to be manufactured by leftist infiltrators.

More calls for racial slurs. enhancelogic seem to like them. Again, not very creative, but likely to be picked up on and circulated by the media as evidence of the suppposed racial agenda of the Tea Party

Some of these guys are fairly astute. They were aware that their efforts could backfire to the benefit of the Tea Party. Concrete plans were not announced on the site, to prevent conservatives from planning ahead for them.

Infiltrating the Infiltrators

Some conservatives came to the site and actually tried to reason with these people. Of course, if they were interested in substantive debate and discussion, they wouldn’t be plotting to infiltrate and discredit the Tea Party. There were also a lot of people who just came to call names, which really isn’t that great, but was on occasion hilarious.

Oh noes! He gave away our handshake and passwords! At least he didn't mention the secret rings we hand out.

This guy tried trolling, but couldn't take it for long. He brings up an interesting question for the Tea Partiers: how do we deal with these guys on tax day, if any of them actually crawl out of their moms' basements and show up?

Lipton agains tries some logic, but all for naught. It is rather typical of the left to accuse conservatives of beingracist and homophobic, but them using racial and homophic slurs to insult those very conservatives. But then again, the whole site is dedicated to proving conservatives are racist by framing them.

They’re on To Us!

I think we’ve been outed.

This guy's quick. I love his solution: pass "antibullying" restrictions!

They dealt with the troll problem by setting up a VIP section that you have to get a password for by e-mail. I have no idea how they vet these folks. Maybe I'll try to get in there and see what's up, but I suspect it's just an attempt to get e-mail addresses of Tea Party supporters.

Have we been had? Is this what they planned all along? Doubtful: there were multiple posters from the get go, and many of them seemed legitimate. Soud more like a child failing at something and then pretending he meant to do it that way.

True Motivations

After the trolling took off, the following button appeared on the main page:

It appears that their efforts to crash the Tea Party may not be so much about ideology than the very thing liberals stand against so often: capitalism.

Build website. ???. Profit.

Fight the Tea Party by buying my T Shirts! Notice that someone immediately points out the problem of infiltrating whilst wearing identifying t-shirts.

And yet another astute individual questions the true motivation of establishing the site. Perhaps the aforementioned plan to use the site solely to generate publicity was more accurate than I thought?

Screenshot from the Cafepress site. Note that some of the shirts are "organic" in order to satisfy the truly pretentious. Also note how expensive they are.

Real Disruptions?

So it looks like this site may have been developed to function not as a center of disruption and political action, but to sell t-shirts. So where are the people who are actually planning to infiltrate the Tea Party? Where everyone else is on the internets: Facebook.

Mad Hatter is also on teh Facebook.

He set up a Crash the Tea Party group. It has five whole members so far.

There’s also a fan page for Crash the Tea Party. It has considerably more fans, but like the website, the vast majority of them are conservatives criticizing and rebutting he efforts to disrupt the Tea Party. The fan page has one event listed so far, to infiltrate a Tax Day Tea Party in Portland, OR. At least two of the three confirmed attendees appear to be Tea Party supporters who were misled by the title of the event into believing it to be a page for the Tea Party.

I also found a group to infiltrate and disrupt a Tax Day Tea Party in White Plains, NY. This one is more interesting because it has links to the anarchist groups planning to crash Tea Parties on the 15th. It has one whole member.

The efforts to infiltrate the Tea Parties seem to be more talk than not, although I don’t doubt some will try it. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for unruly behavior at the April 15th Tea Parties, but we can’t give in to paranoia and suspect everyone with a camera.

Props to other bloggers that have infiltrated the Crash the Tea Party site:

Right Ideas has some more screen shots and commentary.

The Wisdom of Soloman also has some shots and some comments from the site, and also discusses some people who have had comments deleted from the site.

And of course, the Left Coast Rebel, who brought this all to my attention initially.


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  1. #1 by Soloman on Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 21:53

    Thanks for the link!

    I checked out Mad Hatter’s FB page. Interesting – favorite TV shows? Daily Show, Colbert, Olbermann, and Maddow in that order.

    Factually, they’re probably accurate in the opposite order at best, when they actually find factual accuracy.

    Tells me all I need to know about who we’re dealing with here.

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