Crash the Tea Party

As I’ve already mentioned, some anarchist groups have targeted the widely planned tax day Tea Parties. The Left Coast Rebel has some more intel on plans to crash the Tea Parties by people who seem more than willing to employ Gestapo tactics against people they try to depict as Nazis.

Over at Google Trends the #1 topic for searches is “Crash the Tea Party.” I check into Google Trends several times a day just to make sure that I haven’t missed anything (great tip). Anyhow the buzz is behind a seemingly anonymous group that has formed a new site called literally, “Crash the Tea Party.” I went to the link, and was greeted by this start page:



[T]he worst thing that they may possibly attempt is to pose as actual Tea Party activists and then pull out the ‘n’ word, slurs, violence, etc for the press to pick up and pin the tail on the Tea Party donkey. That is my fear with the anarchist infiltration into the Tea Party as well.

Pretty much par for the course. Leftists love to fake transgressions on the part of their opponents, since when your arguments aren’t supported by fact, your only recourse is to admit you’re wrong or slander and discredit your opponent. I expect that there will be a showing of infiltrators attempting to generate and record racist rhetoric or something similar — and such antics are nothing new to Tea Partiers, who have already seen it.

By Left Coast Rebel has an interesting proposal: infiltrate the infiltrators.

From here I have a request to ask of you. I ask that you register with the “Crash the Tea Party” site (which essentially is a glorified message board), then peruse, use and don’t abuse (give up your identity). Try to find details on when/which Tea Parties these people want to infiltrate, how/when/where. What are they going to do? Take screenshots on your computer (alt + Print Screen) as you find juicy details. Then simply email them to I simply do not have the time this evening to accomplish this task and will appreciate any help. Also, if you are a blogger, I will give you big-time props, linky-love and traffic for helping out. If I were starting out, I would jump on this!

Hmm. Register, pose as one of them, dig some intel, ???, profit. Sounds interesting. And with promises of accolades, and the most coveted currency in the blogosphere, traffic, this seems very appealing ….


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