Anger on the Right

Jonolan at Reflection from a Murky Pond believes that he has determined the source of so much anger on the right. And I think he’s on to something.

Yes, the liberals are right: Republicans hate children. Okay, no. Read the sign.

Conservatives care about their children, and they’re royally pissed that Obama is stealing from them in order to pay for his socialist policies.

Jonolan says it well:

The American people, by and large, love their children and wish for them to have betters lives than we have had. Only a relative few groups – mostly exilic groups sunk in crime, drug addiction, family dissolution, nihilism, and the resultant multi-generational poverty – try to indoctrinate and/or coerce their children to live in the same circumstances as they have rather than to move out, move on, and better themselves.

The source of the American people’s fear and rage is not racism; it’s a human parent’s natural response to anything or anyone who threatens their children or the children’s future.

It makes me wonder why those on the left don’t seem concerned about the massive debt and government control being foisted upon their children.


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