School Propaganda in Texas

For those who expected this post to be about the reworking of the Texas textbook standards, I’m sorry to disappoint. (Okay, not really.) No, this is about another case of left wing bias passing for education in the government school systems.

Kathleen McKinley at Right Wing News gives us this gem in which a high school teacher passed out a sheet describing the different between liberal and conservative ideologies. Students were not allowed to take the sheet home, which should have been a red flag from the get go. One student was concerned enough about the teacher’s political bias that he took the sheet home anyway and showed it to his parents (He’s probably facing suspension).

Note the presence and location of the angel and the devil.

From Texas GOP Vote:

Just by simply glancing at the papers … it becomes clear immediately just how biased they are with a picture of an angel next to a section discussing liberals and a picture of a devil next to a section discussing conservatives.

The handout starts off by saying, “Philosophical differences… separate liberals and conservatives. The greatest areas of disagreement concern human nature, reliance on tradition, and individual freedom.” The handout continues on, calling conservatives pessimists who think people are “tainted by original sin” and liberals optimists who think people are “basically good.” It says that liberals allow people a great amount of liberty, while conservatives feel people must be controlled, restrained, and guided for their own best interests. (What?!) Throughout the handout, “liberal” is likened with the word “constitutional” while “conservative” is likened with the word “authoritarian.” At the end of the discussion, there is a chart for students to fill in, reiterating the statements made about liberals and conservatives.

The statements are completely fallacious and clearly intended to deceive the students. What student would want to admit to being conservative after reading this? The handout had no author listed or any sources. Barbara Geerdes could very well have written the entire discussion herself. Furthermore, she knew that what she was doing was wrong- why else would she not allow the papers to be taken home?

The principal and Mrs. Geerdes have failed to respond to repeated attempts to contact them in order get their side of the story.


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