The Elitists vs the Rest of Us

The Washington Examiner presents a short op-ed on the elitism that is the hallmark of Washington DC in general and the Democratic Party in specific:

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards twice ran unsuccessfully for president on a platform based on his contention that there are “two Americas: the America of the privileged and the wealthy, and the America of those who live from paycheck to paycheck.” Edwards was right that there are two Americas, but he missed it completely on who resides where and why. One America is that of the liberal political elite that currently controls the White House and solid majorities in Congress, and dominates the traditional media, academia, and public intellectual ranks. The other America is the rest of us who are expected to shut up and do as we are told by the first America.

Democrats are closet aristocrats. They truly believe that they are superior enough to the rest of us that they have a right to tell us what’s best for us. This is the absolute core of progressive and socialist thought – that a small class of the Enlightened is obligated to dictate to the masses how they should live. The elitism we’re seeing in D.C. right now is just a symptom of that assumption.


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