Letterman Interviews Tea Party Organizer

… and manages not to cast her as an evil, racist, hate-filled troglodyte teabagger! Instead, he actually listens to her and lets her state her concerns!

I’m waiting for the mainstream media to implode over this. After all, their whole strategy has been to label Tea Partiers as angry racists with no real concern over issues, and in one short interview Letterman belies all of that. Watch for Letterman to be castigated by the left as a secret Republican agent.

Newsbusters comments on the interview, and also includes their own videos from CBS:

Maybe if newsers across the fruited plain spent more time actually interviewing Tea Party members rather than their enemies, Americans would have a much better understanding of a movement that could have dramatic impact on elections and our nation for the foreseeable future.

Or would that be too much like journalism?

Hot Air also has comments and video:

[T]his [interview] ends up being one of the most efficient (if possibly inadvertent) debunkings of tea-party craziness to ever hit big media. Like Ace says, this woman comes off as a kindly aunt, soft-spoken and, per her own description, pacifistic. Even her one flirtation with fringiness, in what she says about Obama’s birth certificate, doesn’t go very far. She’s virtually the antithesis of the media narrative about tea partiers; imagine the surprise of the casual news watcher who’s been told the tea party is some kind of militia tuning into this.

Hat tip to the Weekly Standard for the YouTube video, because I can’t embed the ones from CBS.


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