Tea Party Derangement Syndrome: Tennessee Flag Is Neo-Nazi Symbol

The left-wing media has worked itself into such a tizzy over imagining Tea Party racism  that it seems willing to jump on anything that might just possibly look like proof of racism, at least, if you squint just right and really, really want it to be.

We start here, at Little Green Footballs, at a post that highlights a slime of a man that the left is going out of its way to pretend is the “founder” of the Tea Party movement, despite the fact that he has no involvement other than buying up any domain names related to the phrase “Tea Party” and seeking to sell them to the highest bidder. But this person, who has been denounced by every Tea Party groups out there, and has no affiliation with any of them, despite his ownership of Tea Party related domain names, is the only evidence of racism at the hands of Tea Partiers that the left can really find.

So we move on. Zip at Weasel Zippers brings our attention to this post by LGF contributor Charles Johnson.

The link in the comment goes to this image:

Note that Johnson is “pretty sure” that the flag is some sort of Neo-Nazi symbol.

The discussion goes on for several comments. Johnson observes:

It looks very similar to the “triskele” symbol:

[Link: www.adl.org…]

More Comments:

I still think it’s probably the Y-flag used by some obscure group in California.

Might it be one of these triskelion designs? [Link: www.adl.org…]

Well, guess what? Johnson believes that everyone who lives in the State of Tennessee is a neo-Nazi. The flag in question:

Well, Johnson apparently found out that Zip had called him on his agtiprop FAIL, and he posted this sad excuse of a rebuttal:

In the post to which Reynolds links, “Weasel Zippers” took a screenshot of a comment I posted here at LGF, asking if a flag seen in a tea party video might be a neo-Nazi flag — and then ignored the comments that followed minutes later in the same thread, in which I clearly concluded that the flag was a Tennessee flag.

Well, maybe Zip did ignore the posts in which the astute Johnson concluded that the flag in question was, in fact, the Tennessee flag. But Zip also ignored the preceding comments in which Johnson was searching websites of neo-Nazi symbols in an effort to prove how racist the evil, hateful teabaggers are instead of relying upon that most basic tool of the modern journalism: Google. Searching for a basic description of the flag in question, “red flag three stars,” brings up the “Flag of Tennessee” article on Wikipedia as the top hit.

In short, by simply do a search for a description of the flag, Johnson could have found out what it was and been done with it. But instead, he jumped to a predetermined conclusion (That flag must be a Nazi symbol!) and announced his suspicion to his fellow commentors, who fell over themselves looking for a “hate symbol” that matched the image, and thus their political propaganda.

Zip pwnxors Johnson on this point:

Naturally he missed the entire point of this post, which was to mock him for seeing Nazis and racists behind every Tea Party bush. All he had to do was a two second Google search of “red flag with three stars” instead of making an ass of himself for the millionth time (thanks JCM).

The left is desperate to smear the Tea Party any way they can, even if it includes casting a state flag as a neo-Nazi symbol so they can find evidence of “hate” where there isn’t any.

9 Charles Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:48:37am

It looks very similar to the “triskele” symbol:

[Link: www.adl.org…]

10 Killgore Trout Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:51:06am

re: #6 Charles

I still think it’s probably the Y-flag used by some obscure group in California..

11 WindUpBird Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:51:11am

re: #6 Charles

Might it be one of these triskelion designs? [Link: www.adl.org…]

12 Aceofwhat? Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:51:27am

re: #6 Charles

i can’t make it out

13 lawhawk Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:52:03am

re: #6 Charles

Could be this one, a triskele.

14 WindUpBird Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:52:22am

re: #10 Killgore Trout

They all seem to have that red field + white circle + black radially symmetrical design thing going.


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  1. #1 by repsac3 on Wed 31 Mar 2010 - 14:46

    I’m sorry, but on behalf of the vast leftwing conspiracy, I’m authorized to inform you that we want no part of Charles Johnson or LGF, no matter what political group he wishes to align himself with these days… (I remember something about him renouncing his years as a rightwing blogger, but has he actually tried to claim he’s a liberal now, or are conservatives trying to lessen the stink in the wingnut war room he used to occupy by claiming he’s a lib yourselves?) He made his bones as a conservative, and while we understand he’s no longer acting like one of them either, that doesn’t make him one of ours…

    Thanks, but no thanks…

    The left

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Wed 31 Mar 2010 - 16:28

      As far as I know, Johnson has claimed allegiance with the left, although am open to being corrected. That, and the fact that the left is advancing the kind of rhetoric that fueled Johnson’s recent stupidity are why I associated his comments with the left. And while it’s true he identified as conservative before, he was always more on the liberal side of things.

      I’ll tell you what, though – if you don’t want, him, maybe we can see if the Truther Libertarian crowd will take him. Then when he spouts stupid, we can compare notes and laugh at him together. The road to bipartisanship begins with the criticism of but one nutjob.

      Just for the record, if I have other concerns about the vast leftwing conspiracy, can I direct them at you, or is there another channel I have to go through? I’m kinda tired of being told that the only reason I could possibly disagree with the President is because of racism, and I wanted to make a complaint.

  2. #3 by vbohner on Fri 09 Apr 2010 - 17:13

    fyi – that flag looks like a nazi flag in the video. THat’s why somebody did a search for it. Not because of some convoluted jumping to a “predetermined conclusion”. In fact, it just looks more like the Y-flag white supremacist flag than the tennessee state flag. It’s red, white circle, black cross bars (sorry, in the video it definitely does not look blue and it doesn’t look like stars). And since nazi paraphernalia has been seen at quite a number of Tea Party events, it’s not a stretch to think that there might be one seen in the sea of white people at this event.

    The dark bar at the end of the flag is the giveaway. It’s the Tennessee State Flag. But you’re right, the whites (that are not neo-nazis) have once again been victimized due to this false accusation. Oh the suffering.

    • #4 by The Republican Heretic on Fri 09 Apr 2010 - 17:44

      Nazi paraphernalia has not been seen “at quite a large number of Tea Party events.” In fact, I’m not aware of a single Tea Party in which Nazi paraphernalia was present. That is part of my whole point. As is the fact that while yes, someone didn’t recognize the flag, and did a search for it, the first assumption was that it was some kind of racist symbol, and the discourse was one of “let’s figure out what kind of nazi group it belongs to” rather than “let’s search for a description of the flag.”

      In the still photo that I saw, the design of the flag was quite clear. And searching for a description of that design gave me the Tennessee flag on the first hit. Took me less than five seconds. Anyone who considers himself a journalist could have (and should have) done the same, and the whole issue of fretting over the evil, racist, fascist presence would have been avoided. But that doesn’t fit the political narrative.

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