O’Keefe Charges Lowered

James O’Keefe was blasted by the Leftstream Media a while back for supposedly attempting to wiretap a Democratic congresswoman’s office. The Left was in an uproar, demanding O’Keefe’s head on a platter for this highly illegal transgression that supposedly demonstrated how evil conservatives are. O’Keefe claimed that he had entered said office to ask if the phones were broken, because constituents calling to oppose Obamacare weren’t getting through. Liberals scoffed at this defense.

Well, turns out O’Keefe was telling the truth. And the mainstream media hasn’t bothered to mention that.

From Big Journalism:

The charges against O’Keefe and three other men have been reduced to a misdemeanor offense of entering federal property under false pretenses.  Yes, the extent of their offense is that two of the men dressed up like the construction worker in the Village People and claimed to be phone repairmen.  Call it “Misdemeanor Mischief.”


To be clear, no one endorses breaking any Federal laws.  But O’Keefe was the victim of a high-tech tar-an- feather job by the likes of Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and David Shuster.  NBC even used scarce news department resources to fly Shuster down to New Orleans so he could have his pulse on every non-development in the story.  In fact, the only news Shuster broke while in New Orleans was at the hands of Andrew Breitbart forcing him to retract his own words on live television.  Proud as a Peacock.

Even today, MSNBC is negligent and deceitful in its “reporting” on this latest development.  Their headline reads:  “O’Keefe, others plan to plead guilty.” That’s their angle?  The story is that federal prosecutors have reduced the charge to a misdemeanor instead of the felony MSNBC has been shouting about for months.  But mention of the dropped felony charge is not made until the final paragraph of the story.

Finally, Media Matters for America and other left-wing media “watchdogs” spent a lot of time attacking O’Keefe for his public statements, his defense and his appearance on the Hannity show.  They claimed that his story made no sense and it was “lame”, “absurd on its face,” and “obvious lies.”   But, the minor charges that federal prosecutors filed today actually mesh exactly with O’Keefe’s statement and description of events.

The political narrative has been set. From this day forth, James O’Keefe shall forever be known for attempted wiretapping. The truth of the matter will be irrelevant, and leftists will pride themselves is implicating an evil, horrible conservative in doing something bad.


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