Nice Deb on Media Bias

Nice Deb is kind enough to provide us with a number of articles calling out the blatant media bias and smearing of the Tea Party and conservatives.

First off, we have the highly esteemed Andrew Klavan in his latest Klavan on the Culture video through Pajamas Media:

The she points us to this piece from John at Verum Serum:

The crime scene in this case is whatever example of right-wing extremism the press can drum up. If they can find a genuine example, like the shooting of George Tiller, they go with that. If not, they’ll find a way to transform a communist, Bush-basher into a right-wing ideologue.

The quips change from week to week, just as they do on TV, but the lines themselves don’t matter. Not really. What matters is the familiarity, the repetition, the setting of expectations which then are met with…something, anything to which the hosanna chorus of the paranoid left can say an amen.

And then a nice piece at the Denver Post:

…this campaign of distraction mounted by Democrats meaning to smear millions of Americans involved in legitimate political expression is as transparent as it is distasteful.

The narrative: Fearful underdog Democrats (true if you ignore their notable majorities in both houses of Congress and control of the presidency) are fending off hordes of ferocious, irrational detractors to do what’s right.

Democrats insist Republicans must condemn — over and over — this imaginary rise of widespread radicalism. In doing so, they are implicitly accusing Republicans of controlling the aforementioned radicals.

Other Democrats, like Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, went as far as to claim that Republicans were “aiding and abetting terrorism” against Democrats.

For those grappling with history, here’s what a “mob” looks like: furious citizens raiding the Bastille, stabbing and decapitating its governor, Marquis Bernard de Launay, and placing his head on a pike to parade around Paris streets to cheering crowds.

Or, to put it in more contemporary terms, think anti-capitalist, stone-throwing, Starbucks-hating, economic-justice thugs. Or perhaps radical environmentalists who burn down housing projects and research facilities for Mother Earth. For a domestic terrorist, you won’t need to go farther than your local Chicago university to spot a Weatherman — sorry, Weatherperson.

Deb also blasts media talk show hosts (mention Greta Van Susteren by name):

When a guest appears on your show, (like Congressman Bart Stupak, for example), and they start whining about the “ugliness” of the tea partiers, citing the spitting and racial slurs at the Kill the Bill rally in Washington – instead of just letting that pass – would it be too much for you to ask them if they’ve seen evidence that those things actually occurred?

Check out Deb’s post, and all of the links she provides as well, here.


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