More Right-Wing Violence

The Seattle Times reports on a vicious attack by he evil, hateful, nasty, racist, kitten-choking teabaggers:

Protesters have been demonstrating at [Ohio Representative] Driehaus’ Ohio home, said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the anti-abortion Democrat who joined Stupak in voting for the health bill. A rock was thrown through the window of Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday, and a death threat was phoned in to his Washington office a day later, Mulvey said.

Wow, threw a rock through his office window?

From Instapundit:

Justin Binik-Thomas emails from Cincinnati that Rep. Driehaus’ office “is on the 30th floor of a skyscraper downtown.” He also says that he spoke to Driehaus’ office today and they said this never happened. Which is too bad, in a way, as the Reds could use a guy with an arm like that . . . .

Moe Lane at Red State shows us the building in question:

And NewsBusters takes the liberty of checking Driehaus’ website to see where his office is:

Driehaus’s office is on the 30th floor of the Carew Tower downtown:


Maybe that’s why Democrats are so afraid of the Tea Party: I’d be scared of anyone who can throw a rock through a 30-story-window. Or maybe the Tea Party has giants! Or people who can fly! I can see the headlines now: “Democrats warn of flying teabaggers stealing children.”

The media are becoming less and less reliable, and more and more interested in spreading propaganda.


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